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November 1, 2015 - MyPost is an innovative minimal blogging tool that brings back the art of writing blog posts and articles, without all the hassle. Whether you know HTML or not, MyPost makes it easy to write a blog post and share with the world. Best of all, the whole process of creating a web page or a blog post is quite simple: there is no registration process or need to sign up and you have complete anonymity.

MyPost encourages learning of basic HTML and CSS, but requires no knowledge of either in order to create beautiful blog posts and web pages. You have complete control over your entire web page and there is no branding from MyPost. From choosing the fonts of your choice, the colors of your headline and content, the size of the font, the background color, and much more, you have many choices to make your web page exactly the way you want! You have complete freedom to do as you please! MyPost, My Content!

MyPost makes the process of creating web pages simple. No need to sign up or register for a user account. No need to register for a domain name or a web host. No need to spend time searching for a template or a theme! MyPost keeps it simple! MyPost makes the whole process easy for its users to publish content on the Internet within minutes! If you are a teacher, a student, a blogger, an artist, a business owner, a gamer, an amateur writer, or from any occupation, you may find MyPost is just for you!

MyPost is blogging without a blog. For those who do not want the commitment or the hassle that comes along with owning or running a blog, MyPost is perfect for you! Quickly set up an ongoing blog where you can use basic colors and setup or design your own theme using advanced CSS to have your blog posts look a certain way. Then share amongst your friends! It is really that easy!

Comparable to Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress, with compliments to Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, you are the sole owner of your content and you can do anything with your blog post or web page! Write a short one-liner, an e-book, or a novel and share it with the Internet! There are no limitations and moderation of content is very relaxed! Write an erotic story or publish mature adult content! You have complete control over what you post! Your post will only be known by you unless you share the link or choose to display it publicly on MyPost!

These are just a few things that you can build with MyPost:

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