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Cover Letter

Dear ,

In every step of the process, you want your company to look its best. That means you need an excellent public relations consultancy ready to help you do just that. As a growing business, your progress and achievements are remarkable in the [CLIENT SECTOR] sector. With such growth come issues of public image and reputation, and we want to help you maintain both.

We are a stand-out Public Relations firm, working in for the last years. Our team has extensive experience in handling all kinds of media including print, design, image consultation, websites and social media. In addition, we specialize in managing special media events like news conferences. Our longstanding contacts in print, electronic and digital media are our strongest assets.

If you allow us to manage the public image of your growing business, our dedication and hard work will make your Public Relations worries a thing of the past. By hiring our team of professional PR strategists and media coordinators, you can safely concentrate on your work and performance.

Our recent media event held on at is a perfect example of our efficient and expert management of tasks. The event attracted media people from up to leading media houses, received minutes of airtime and inches of prominent print space in leading media like [LEADING MEDIA PUBLICATION].

We hope to enter into a long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnership with your company. In this regard, may I request you give us a little time so we can learn more about your business’ specific needs and we can see how our services can adapt to be the greatest benefit your business? Hoping to hear a positive reply soon.







Executive Summary

The Problem

All business concerns need the trust of the public they serve. A sound public image based on trust is a valuable asset to business operation and growth. Your reputation built around your image influences your day-to-day dealings with clients and service providers and has an impact on your profitability and other long-term goals. A business with a less-than-perfect public image is not likely to secure the key support of the public it deals with.

In today’s changing world, fostering and maintaining a good public image can be tricky and time consuming. Growth in different media has produced the need for tailored and specialized handling of message. Television, radio, print, email, and social media name just a few of the areas companies have to be sure to have a presence in. Each of these media requires specific strategies and methods for effective communication to increase brand awareness and reputation and to build a community with current clients. However, no company has the time and resources to do everything they need to do to grow their business.

The Solution

This is why so many companies are choosing to outsource their public image, so they are able to focus themselves on other drivers of profit and growth within their organizations. While your day-to-day performance remains the most essential tool in building your reputation, expert management of your public image can provide immeasurable advantage during regular operations as well as in times of crisis. A group of professionals, working round the clock to build your image and to keep an eye on developments, can add immense value to your business and assist in setting and achieving future goals. However, an in-house public relations department may over-stretch the resources, time and focus away from your core business. You also may not have the ability to train your in-house team to adapt to a world in constant technology and communications change. By hiring a Public Relations firm, you receive the services of an experienced and specialized team of Public Relations experts and the latest technology available to them, without investing in the material and human resources in your own office.

The Proposal

’s team of Public Relations professionals has experience working in all kinds of media. Understanding the nature and the inner workings of each medium enables us to choose the most suitable medium for every single situation. In-depth research and experience in the market is followed by team-based discussions analyzing the nature of a clients’ business. This is how [COMPANY.Company] is particularly able to provide appropriate responses and strategies for all kinds of PR-related situations.

Our team’s pool of expertise ensures that [COMPANY.Company] comes up with a comprehensive strategy to maximize the impact and efficacy of any PR campaign or event.

provides a comprehensive image-building plan, of both over-arching and specialized strategies for each of the targeted media. In the next stage, frames and releases the messages specially tailored for each chosen medium and advises clients on the most appropriate timing, release schedules and methods.

Our valuable contacts and business relationships in all major media outlets are among our most valued and recognized in the public relations world. In the final stage, the [COMPANY.Company] monitors the outcomes and strategic results of the campaign and provides the client with a comprehensive impact analysis report.

We complete all these stages in consultation with your company representatives and keep them informed of developments at all times.

[COMPANY.Company] uses the latest technology and software available to develop, monitor and follow campaigns and remain on top of all major developments influencing public opinion in the clients’ sector.

Why Choose Us

Our team of professionals has worked on both sides of the divide, so we know what the target media are looking for in a Public Relations message in your industry. This experience makes our work stand out as highly effective and productive. By pooling our resources and expertise, we keep costs down. This is why a comprehensive PR campaign by [COMPANY.Company] can cost a client much less than what an individual consultant will charge for a potentially less comprehensive package plan. As a one-stop shop for all your Public Relations needs, we relish the opportunity to provide you with operational convenience and a strong, healthy public image, aiding the growth and progress of your company.

About Us

The Company

is a professional Public Relations firm. Founded in by two media professionals, the has grown to a team of professionals serving a number of high-profile clients in , , and [AREA THREE].

Over the past , the has grown into a comprehensive Public Relations service provider that plans, executes and monitors results of media campaigns and PR events. It is a one-stop solution for all your public relations needs and image building campaign, including image analysis, strategizing, copywriting, delivery and execution, and impact analysis. We have managed long-term media campaigns for products, service providers and ideas, alongside hosting events like media conferences and arranging coverage for seminars and other relevant client activities.

The Team

Our founder is a veteran of with more than years of experience in the field. The team consists of professionals offering the best of their expertise in their respective areas.

Services and Pricing


  • General campaigns
  • Crisis handling
  • Media monitoring
  • Image analysis
  • Choice of media
  • Copywriting
  • Media contacts
  • News event management (media conferences)
  • Event coverage
  • Social media services
  • Blog updates
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Mobile communication
  • Pricing

    Bronze Silver Gold
    $20 $40 $60
    Starter Advanced Expert
    15 projects 20 projects 25 projects

    Terms and Conditions

    This agreement between and shall commence on and remain valid until .

    By signing this contract, you give the right and responsibility to identify, formulate and execute PR campaigns that contribute towards building a good public image of .

    This agreement is terminable from both sides with an interim notice period to facilitate any incomplete projects or financial settlements for either of the parties.

    The shall not agree to represent any other company within the client’s sector whose interests are in conflict with the ’s business.

    The will not hire any other company to either represent or partially undertake the tasks that the has already agreed with the [CLIENT.Company] to handle.

    The shall offer full support to the keeping them abreast of developments in the company in advance like the launch of a new product/service or any other information that may be useful in promoting the client’s public image.

    The is responsible to keep all such information secret until an appropriate time identified in consultation with the .

    Signed by:



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