Why Fonts Are Important

Using Different Fonts In Your Post

When we created MyPost, we wanted to give you, the user, an experience beyond what you have known. An experience similar to WordPress and other blog platforms, but one where you did not have to register with an email address and give over too much information, all so that you could get a web page up on the Internet. We wanted you to have experience again with HTML, CSS, and BBCode. All of these would give you access to learn how to design your own web page.

With it, we added a bunch of features to help you write your blog post and get it up on the Internet. We also added the what we believe is one of the most important features of your web page, the font style. With font style, we offer you the regular web fonts, totalling over 20, and over 800 Google fonts. With each post you write, your look can change, your personality can change, your writing style can change, all because the font is different. It also gives you the ability to explore the different fonts out there. Some more beautiful than the next, but all give you the ability to bring your writing to life in the way you want.

By giving you the ability to have access to change your fonts, we give you the complete creativity and freedom to explore the fonts that best match your own personality and writing style, helping you not to just write posts on here, but perhaps, one day, go and use that font style on your own website. Font can make or break how the reader interprets and understands your text. It can be bold, spooky, honest, lawful, funny, light, or just plain Arial or sans-serif if you prefer.

Whatever text you choose, it allows you more control over how your text will look, how you present yourself, and how you want to portray your message. Choose a font that represents what you want to say, what you want to portray, and what you want the reader to remember. Choose a different headline and content font for best results. You may find a great combination!

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