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Features of MyPost

The purpose of creating a post is to write content that appeals to you and your audience. In order for you to create a beautifully written post, you should have a good understanding of all the control you have over your post. This article will highlight all the features on the post page.


Headline: this is the title of your article and will also appear as the main headline in search engines and shared social media links.
*This field is required.

Description: this gives general information about what your post is about and may appear in search engines and shared social media links.

Custom URL: this is the location or address of your post on MyPost. When someone searches the Internet and discovers your post, they will be able to access your post with the URL. The prefix of the URL is already set up for you. The URL should closely match the headline with the major keywords, or the main points in the headline.

Password: Every post needs a password in order to be published. Since MyPost does not have user registrations, profiles, or accounts, it associates your password and post together in order to identify you if you wish to edit your post. While we suggest creating strong passwords and have provided a password strength meter to help, we do not have any specific minimum or maximum limit on password length.
*This field is required.
Warning: We are not responsible for lost or stolen passwords.

Advanced Options (Optional)

Featured Image: A featured image is the thumbnail image that is displayed when shared on social media, specifically Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and several other social media websites that utilize the Open Graph Protocol tag system. This is not visible at all on the post and can only be seen when shared.

Headline Font: Choose from hundreds of different font styles for the headline of your post.

Headline Color: Change the font color of your headline.

Headline Size: Change the font size of your headline font.

Content Font: Choose from hundreds of different font styles for the content of your post.

Content Color: Change the font color of the content in your post.

Content Size: Change the font size or your content.

Background Color: Change the color of your background.

ScrollToTop Color: Change the color of your ScrollToTop arrow.

Comments: Turn the built-in Comment system on or off.

Comment Colors: Change the color scheme of your Comments to either Light or Dark.
Further customization can be done with CSS.
Display Count: Display the number of characters, words, both, or turn the feature off.
Spaces are not counted.
Display Views: Display the number of times your post has been viewed to the public.

Display Read Time: Display how long your post takes to read in minutes.

Show on MyPost: There is no search feature so your post can only be discovered with a search engine query. If you wish to have your post get discovered quicker and be seen by many people, turn this option on and it will be shown on the MyPost Display page.

Social Media: If you want to allow your post the opportunity to be posted on any social media network, you have the option of displaying it horizontally on the bottom right of the page or vertically, on the left side of the page.

Mature Content: lets our visitors and search engines know whether your post is for an 18+ / mature audience only.

Hide From Search Engines: Adds a nofollow, noindex tag to discourage search engines from discovering and listing your post in search engine results.

Custom CSS Only: This overwites the default CSS from MyPost and uses only the CSS you add to your post.

Auto-Hyperlink: Automatically converts and URLs ( into clickable links.

Auto-Minify: Automatically removes "whitespace", comments, and compresses code in the content.

Email: Entering your email will allow you to recover your password if you are ever locked out and want to edit your post.

Custom CSS: This allows you to change or add any elements you want to your post for complete control over everything on your post.

Custom JavaScript: Use JavaScript within your post. (This is still possible within the content, but the feature to add it to the head and footer has been removed.)

Notes: This allows you to add notes to your post, not visible to the public.

Delete: Nothing is forever and if you don't want your post to be online any longer, you can go ahead and delete it from MyPost.
Warning: This action cannot be undone.

: displays the number of times you have revised the post.

PostID: displays the ID of your post, not visible to the public; used for systematic purposes only.

Saved Posts

Save: saves a post to a list for later viewing.

Remove: removes a post from the list.

Additional Features

Likes : [like] adds a like button to the post with results displayed on the bottom of the post.

Dislikes : [dislike] adds a dislike button to the post with results displayed on the bottom of the post. Available only on the edit screen of every post is a shortlink to the URL of your post, if you prefer to share the shortlink instead of the full URL.

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