Love of Font Icons

Hundreds of Font Icons to Choose

At MyPost, there is no secret to our love of font icons. The reason that we love font icons is because they are fast loading and replace slower loading images, and with some code, or our simple BBCode, using font icons is easier than ever. As a blog poster or web designer, you already have a lot going on, from designing, to coming up with unique content, and sharing your post with the world.

With almost two dozen font icons to choose from, you can find almost anything you need. Font Icons display everything from directional icons, to editor icons, to web application icons, to gender icons, to transportation icons much more. The total icon images offered by the 14 font icon sets on MyPost number more than over a thousand.

The 14 font icon sets are:

» Creative Commons Icons
» DevIcons
» Evil Icons
» Flag Icons
» Font Awesome
» Foundation Icons
» Icono Icons
» IonIcons
» Linearicons
» Material Design Iconic Font by Google
» OctIcons
» PaymentFont
» Simple Line Icons
» Weather Icons

Learn how to use each of these font icons individually on our Font Icons Resources page. Each icon can be called using its HTML equivalent or a custom BBCode. While not every font icon is listed, you can visit the home page of each of these icons to figure out which icons you would like to use. You do not need to add any CSS code that calls any of these font icons, as they are all built into MyPost,

Get started today and practice using Font Icons! They will make your writing easier and portray the images you want without actually using images!

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