Font Awesome

There are dozens of fonts that come with specialized icons that load instantly, eliminating the need to load images, which, even though it may go unnoticed, still takes some time to load. Font Awesome happens to be one of the most acceptable ones and the easiest one to load on any website. Font Awesome is probably one of the most useful tools and has over 400 icons to choose from. By uploading the Font Awesome folder, or even just linking to the CSS stylesheet, on major CDNs, you can have font icons displaying in no time.

MyPost comes with Font Awesome built into the code.

While we will not list every single FontAwesome icon here, we will display its usage as well as styling fonts on this website using BBCode.

View a list of all the Font Awesome icons.

Font Awesome is displayed by using BBCode brackets and a shortcode, fa.

The code works by stating what the image is and its size. A space must be in between the two for the code to work.

FontAwesome comes in 6 sizes: fw, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x. In our example below, we are using 3x.

Replace { } brackets with [ ] brackets for functionality.

So it will look like:

{fa|heartbeat 3x{fa}

{fa}heartbeat 3x{/fa} will display:

As for styling, add to the custom CSS:

i.fa.fa-heartbeat.fa-3x { 
color: #f00;

heartbeat 3x
heartbeat 3x

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