YouTube Upgrade

MyPost Adds Instant Loading of YouTube Videos

In our efforts to ensure that MyPost continues to load fast, no matter what you have on your post, we decided to look into YouTube videos and noticed that if you had more than just a few pages, they would take forever to load. YouTube's embed code is out of date and any website server must contact the YouTube server and wait for a reply to actually set the video. Regardless of whether it is in our own iframe or a YouTube-provided embed code, the amount of time it takes to load the video, whether the video status is active or not, it would take a long time. For every YouTube embed, we learned that it adds about 500 KB to the page size. By using some Javascript and CSS, we were able to reduce it to 15-30 KB depending on the amount of detail within the image, which is loaded directly from YouTube.

In doing some research, we discovered a way to speed up the loading of YouTube videos on the MyPost website and have updated all code accordingly. You can still grab the old embed code from YouTube and it will work just fine. If you decide to use BBCode, the code is automatically added for you. You can use {youtube}ID{/youtube} or {yt}ID{/yt} (replace { } squiggly brackets with [ ] hard brackets to activate the code) and load as many videos as you want on a post. Whether you choose to have it in gallery format, such as The Walking Dead Soundtrack or a single lone video, video loading should be nearly instantaneous.

No matter what you use MyPost for when it comes to video, whether you wish to display your product videos or simply set up a quick YouTube gallery of music, rest assure that we have taken care of the backend details of fast-loading videos. Of course, this all depends on how fast your Internet connection is when it comes to actually playing the video, which we leave to the YouTube servers to handle for you, but in regards to delivering a fast loading image of the video on MyPost, we have taken care of everything for you. At this time, this feature only applies to YouTube videos.

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