Why MyPost Is No Longer Free

MyPost Is Now Subscription-Based

In a previous post, we were happy to announce that MyPost was back, but we had another announcement that MyPost would no longer be free. We were definitely hesitant about this decision, but ultimately decided it would be best in order for us to keep supporting the product. In exchange for supporting this product, we will no longer ever advertise on your posts. In keeping it free, where anyone could come and post, we hadn't completely understood that MyPost would make it around the world, and was to be discovered as a tool that could be used for wide-spread distribution of malware, bootlegged content, and software. While we were happy to encourage our users to use MyPost freely and as a useful tool, we did not want it used for illegal purposes.

When MyPost was shut down, we had nearly 30,000 posts, but over 21,000 of them contained warez, malware, and illegal content that the DMCA flagged. This was way too much for us to handle and it took us several months to figure out how to fix this problem. We came up with an easy solution to try and protect our product and rid those who would use it for the wrong reasons: a paywall. Who would pay for MyPost? Why would they pay? And what price should we charge?

With over 8,000 legitimate posts, we knew we had some type of traffic and some users who found it useful. While we did not know who these users were, since MyPost was created for anyone to come and post and remain anonymous, we could not contact these users or update them on anything happening until they came to the website. Everyone could still access posts, edit, or delete them. New ones could not be created until we could come up with a solution to prevent scammers and spammers from coming back, even with our captcha system.

It took time to repair the product, as it was released for free, and therefore, minimal support and upkeep was done. We believe that users who find this tool useful should have no problem paying to support it for just $5 per month. We will ensure it remains fast, secure, and we will try to support it for our lifetime, or yours. We appreciate your support for this product and ask that if you find it useful, you contribute to support the many wonderful things it can do. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know. Creating a payment solution was a last resort for us, but we feel moving forward, this is the best solution to ensure the product remains actively supported.

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