What Type Of Money Planner Are You?

Lisa, the Miser

  • Will not buy anything without shopping for the best bargain
  • Drives across town to do her shopping with double coupons at the market
  • Never throws away leftovers
  • Keeps her home too chilly in the winter and too warm in the summer
  • Wants to save her money because it makes her feel secure
  • Spending money makes her feel anxious

Debra, the Conservative

  • Saves 10 percent of her paycheck every week
  • Doesn't enjoy shopping
  • Brings her own lunch from home to work most days
  • Never buys anything new when the old one is still usable
  • Never buys on credit, but saves until she has the money for the purchase
  • Wants money so that she can have things in the future

Kyle, the Carefree

  • Wants nice things and thinks about them until he can get them
  • Always has one major debt he is paying off
  • Buys whatever he can afford; his spending habits fluctuate with his income
  • Always pays bills on time
  • Has little or no savings
  • Enjoys spending the money he worked hard to earn

George, the Big Spender

  • Often borrows up to his credit limit; pays interest on most things he owns
  • Takes lots of vacations
  • Buys clothes in the latest styles
  • Loves to treat his friends and leave big tips
  • Doesn't mind working to pay for things, but he wants them now!
  • Spends money to make himself feel good

Michelle, the Overspender

  • Has had to put all of her debts together and turn in her credit cards
  • Owes money to the Internal Revenue Service
  • Moves to a more expensive place when she has more money, moves to a less expensive place when she has less money
  • Agrees to buy things even if she doesn't have money to pay for them
  • Is always hoping to win the lottery
  • Spends money to make herself feel important
  • Pretends she does not have money problems

Do any of these people remind you of yourself? If so, which ones? Are you happy with the way you deal with money? What would you like to change?