Using BunnyCDN+BunnyAPI On WordPress

BunnyCDN is an amazing very inexpensive cloud storage service that allows you to scale at nearly unlimited levels. Upload as much as you want and pay as you go. If you ever manage to reach PB levels, get custom pricing catered to your needs with maximum discounts. There is no limit on the amount of storage you have and there is no better CDN than BunnyCDN which beats nearly all other CDNs, with its unbeatable pricing and speeds, why would you want to use anything else?

The BunnyCDN plugin is a good start to migrating your files over to BunnyCDN, but requires that you manually upload all of your files to your storage zone. BunnyAPI is a service built to enhance the abilities of BunnyCDN's API including a new WordPress plugin called BunnyCDN+BunnyAPI. This plugin will allow you to upload all of your files to your BunnyCDN Media library and automatically generates links that you can paste right into your posts or pages.

With BunnyCDN+BunnyAPI, you can upload your existing WordPress Media library to your BunnyCDN Media library, move an old folder to a new one, delete an entire folder, or even download your entire media library. Follow the instructions to begin:

  • Download and install the WordPress plugin
  • Navigate to the Tools section and look for BunnyAPI or is included within the BunnyCDN tab if installed
  • Get a BunnyAPI key at BunnyAPI
  • Follow the link to copy your Account API key
  • Follow the link to copy your Storage Zone password
  • Enter in your email
  • Enter in a credit card to have on file — you will not be charged until you reach at least 500 API requests; account may be changed at any time.
  • Enter in the BunnyAPI key into the required field to enable the BunnyAPI plugin
  • Set your BunnyCDN Hostname if applicable
  • Update the folder where want to upload your files
  • Click Update Settings
Additional options include: Clear Cache, Download BunnyCDN Media, Push WP Media Library, Copy BunnyCDN Media, and Delete All BunnyCDN Media.

Navigate to BunnyCDN Media under the Media tab and copy url, copy image shortcode, delete, upload, or view images.

Set your Pullzone Caching Options to Override: 1 year under Cache Expiration Time and Browser Cache Expiration Time for maximum speeds and caching.

BunnyCDN is a product of BunnyWay.
BunnyAPI is a product of NoteToServices.

If you have any issues with BunnyCDN, you may put in a support ticket for BunnyCDN.
If you have any issues with BunnyAPI, you may NoteToServices.

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