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MyPost Tutorial

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It all starts from the home page with a post that includes some text, HTML, and CSS code. MyPost was designed and created with ease-of-use and user-friendliness in mind to be a simple solution to getting content on the Internet right quick and in a hurry, no registration, no user account, no sign ups, and no email necessary. Write a post and publish it on the Internet in seconds!

Every post on MyPost also holds the link to create a new post, with a create post link located in the footer section. Whether you happened upon MyPost from a search query or someone shared a page and you saw it at the bottom, we want you to be able to post anytime you want!

MyPost seeks to bring back what the Internet has lost, yet what it needs to continue: code. There is source code, or art and poetry for those who are web developers, designers, and programmers, that goes into every page. Whereas many people are used to seeing webpages on the Internet, there are plenty who have no idea how a website functions or how a webpage was made to look a certain way.

MyPost is about bringing the user a learning and coding experience of writing a blog post, of writing an article, of being creative with web pages. Social Media Networks have completely eliminated any need for anyone to know HTML, CSS, Javascript, or any code at all. Those who use MyPost are in for a treat, with no limitations, and complete creativity to design a blog post or web page the way it was meant to be created.

MyPost has shifted away from the natural process of having to register for a user account, sign up with an email address, or a profile, and jumps straight to the point of web design and blogging: creating a post or a beautiful web page.

For those that don't have any experience with HTML, CSS, or any code at all. Don't worry! You can still be just as creative with MyPost without ever writing a single line of code. Get started today!

In this tutorial, we will cover all that you need to know to get started making your post on MyPost.

Basic Start

In order to create a post, all you need to do is enter 2 required assets:

  • Headline
  • Password


Every article, blog post, web page, and website on the Internet has a title or a headline. This provides visitors with an idea for what the page is about and what they are about to read. This is the most important part of writing anything on the Internet.

Note: This is a required field.

Custom MyPost URL

Everything on the Internet has a URL, which is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator. This is how you navigate to a location using a web browser. Getting to AOL, CNN, Facebook, Google, YouTube, your email, or your favorite website requires that you type in an Internet address in order to visit the location.

On MyPost, you must choose a URL or you can click on "Generate URL" which will grab the Headline and attempt to make a custom post URL from that. Your final URL will appear as: which you can share with your friends and visit later on upon entering that URL.


When you search a term on the Internet using a search engine, you will get a list of results. Normally, the headline is shown and the description of the web page. This explains what your post is about to both humans and search engines.

Common descriptions include the first sentence of your article or a brief summary of what the post is about.


Every post requires a password in order to fully be created. By having a password, you may return to the post for later editing purposes.

Note: MyPost takes password privacy very seriously. Please do not share or give out your password to those whom you do not know. We will never email you asking for your password. We are not responsible if your password is lost or stolen.

Note: This is a required field.

Content Editor Tools

The Content Editor Tools are a simple point-and-click tool to help you easily write your posts using the most common HTML tags.

Read more about this toolbar: Content Editor Help

The tools were inspired by this article:

Note: The Content Editor Tools may not work with some versions of Internet Explorer.


The content is the main ingredient for what makes your post a post or your article an article. Our editor also comes with distraction-free writing.

Simply click on the maximize icon located on the text editor, and you will be brought into fullscreen mode, where you are free to write without any distraction, with a toggle for a white or a dark screen.

Advanced Options

Everything beyond within this section is optional.

Featured Image

This image will not appear anywhere on your post, but is only visible when you share it on a social media network, such as Facebook or Twitter.

When shared on social media, your featured image will show up like this:

Headline Font

Choose from basic webfonts to a list of Google fonts for the Headline.

Headline Size

Change the font size of Headline using px, em, or rem.

Headline Color

Change the color of the headline font.

Content Font

Choose from basic webfonts to a list of Google fonts for the Content.


To enhance your MyPost experience, these tools are offered to help you write your post.

Image Hosting

Host your images on MyPost for free. You may choose to display them in the public gallery or keep them private. Upload your photo and simply copy the shortlink to use for your images.

Make sure you save the links you upload, if you have not made them public, as this is the only time you will be shown the link.

Images are kept indefinitely. If you have listed a private image that you want deleted, please contact us and let us know the image filename that needs to be removed.

Note: This feature is temporarily unavailable.

Minify CSS

Removes white space, comments, and optimizes CSS code for the Custom CSS area.

Note: By default, all content on MyPost is minified and can be changed via Advanced Options.

Minify HTML

Removes white space, comments, and optimizes HTML code for the Content area.

Content Size

Change the font size of Content using px, em, or rem.

Content Color

Change the color of the content font.

Background Color

Change the color of the background.

ScrollToTop Color

Change the color of the ScrollToTop button.


Turn the comments system on or off. Default: off.

Comment Color

Change the theme of the comments system to light or dark. Through custom CSS, the comments background color may be changed further.

Display Count

Display the number of characters, words, or both that are on the page. (Spaces are not counted)

Display Read Time

Display the time it takes to read the post. (Time is displayed in minutes)

Show On MyPost

For some additional publicity and better discovery in search engines, you can list your post publicly on MyPost for all to see.

Social Media

Show a horizontal or vertical social media sharing bar, courtesy of

Mature Content

Used to rank whether content is for a mature audience only or for everyone.


The Hide From Search Engines feature, also known as SEO, discourages search engines from following and indexing the post by adding noindex, nofollow to the meta data.

Custom CSS Only

Selecting this option will remove all of the default CSS from MyPost and only CSS from Custom CSS will be used.

Note: Custom CSS can be left blank for default HTML standards.

Selecting this option will auto-hyperlink all links within your content.


Selecting this option will auto-minify or remove all whitespace, comments, etc., out of the content.


Entering your email is completely optional and is only used for password recovery purposes.

Custom CSS

You may extend the basic limitations of MyPost by adding customized CSS to your post.

Custom JavaScript

You may extend the basic limitations of MyPost by adding customized JavaScript to your post. Before you enter in script tags, please be sure to read our post on using JavaScript on MyPost, as only BBCode is accepted, not script tags.

This feature has been removed but is still supported through the Content area.


Add notes to your post, which are visible to you only and are not displayed to the public.

Post Revisions

You may save a copy of your post using this feature by selecting Backup Revision, which will store a copy of your post on the server as a backup copy. By selecting this option, any old revision will be replaced by a newer version.

You may choose the following:

  • Blue: preview the revision
  • Green: restore the revision
  • Red: delete the revision


See a preview of your post before you publish it.


If you aren't satisfied with your post, go back and edit your post. Or, after you have published your post, located on the bottom of your post is a link to go back and edit.


Once your post has been published, it cannot be re-published. You will now have the option to edit or save your post.


If you do not want your post on the Internet or on MyPost any longer, you have the option to delete all traces of it.

This action cannot be undone.


Once you are satisfied with your post, you can publish it for all to see.


We are here to help you with anything you need and encourage you to be creative with your posts. We have been practicing what we preach ourselves and created plenty of resources and samples for you to use in creating your posts. Please feel free to check out our resources page and samples page to get you started on creating the post you want to create.


While we do offer plenty of resources and samples to help you write your posts, as we stated, we are here to help you write a beautiful post. We offer our personal services to teach you all about MyPost and we will even create your posts for you if you prefer.

Take Away

MyPost is about having fun, being creative, and presenting information quickly on the Internet. Whether you choose to learn AND use code or not, MyPost welcomes you to make a post today. Write about anything and everything. There is no right or wrong, good or bad. It all starts with a few words or could turn into a simple website landing page.

MyPost encourages its users to embrace code once again, to learn the logic and beauty of design that web design has to offer. Whether you have the time to learn or not, MyPost is here for you, to help you build a gorgeous post or web page.

MyPost is responsible for the very design of this tutorial, using a template designed with HTML and CSS. There is no limit to the amount of creativity you can have on MyPost when designing with HTML and CSS. While JavaScript certainly can get a lot of the job done in a few lines of code, HTML and CSS have caught up quite nicely, only lacking in-depth functionality features that JavaScript could handle, yet a simple DIV layout with some CSS can do some of the finest tricks, while taking nothing away from latency, bandwidth, nor adding to download time.


MyPost was designed and created by Matthew Gates, a web designer, developer, and programmer who wanted a simple solution to getting posts and web pages on the Internet and a place where anyone and everyone could make a post. Thus, MyPost came into existence.


MyPost was built in November 2015 as a start project for learning PHP and databases using the GetSkeleton (GetSkel) CSS framework. This framework was chosen for being lightweight and very versatile in its ability to bend its own rules to work with other CSS frameworks, as it is has a very minimal foundation. It became a tool used by thousands of people all over the world to design simple, quick, and easy landing pages that served whatever purpose it was needed for in the moment. It began a series of project that eventually formed into a small business called NoteToServices.

MyPost was inspired by a now-defunct website that was known as There were many of these types of websites popping up and coming and going over the years, including MyPost, which was down for a period of almost 2 years, going down around June 2020, and being re-instated. MyPost is now the best alternative to the website, which is now a completely brand new website for a marketing company.

MyPost is free for the time being, but has instated a history of putting up a paywall of about $2 per month, to not only help support our projects and products. Putting up a paywall has ensured that our service is not abused. If you see any of our services or products being abused in a manner that you deem questionable, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and let us know the link along with the offense.

MyPost went through several periods of scammers and spammers using the platform and decided to create the registration process that included an email, which slowed them down for a while, and once they started up again, a paywall was put up, which stopped most of them dead in their tracks. It is amazing what a small fee can do to save a platform or service. So while there are references made of this service being "free", no registration or email required, this history section was added in the Tutorial to explain why this is no longer the case. Currently, the service is completely free to use, though registration with an email address is required. A paywall may go up at a later time, but at a very affordable rate.

MyPost is a community tool built with the intentions of being the silly puddy of the Internet. MyPost is used by freelancers, bloggers, marketing agencies, authors, and many others across the entire world. It is our great honor to provide you with a great tool to make your dreams a reality. So in 2020, when our server crashed, we had a backup, but did not have the budget or time to restore every one of our web applications. Slowly but surely, we are reviewing the projects that are worth reviving, and looked into how useful MyPost would be, as well as the amount of time it would take to restore. We decided that it would be in our own best interested, as well as the interests of others, to restore this web application to its full potential, and as of September 2021, MyPost is fully operational.


MyPost has no information about who you are, what you do, or where you came from. We do have some tracking information from Linkstant and Quantcast that keeps track of the demographics, duration times, what pages our visitors are viewing, websites linking to MyPost, but other than that, we do not store any personal information about you. What you put on the Internet or MyPost is the information you divulge personally about yourself. You cannot hold MyPost responsible for the information you choose to display to the public.

Your posts are for your eyes only until you share your posts publicly or choose to make them discoverable via search engines, MyPost does not share your posts automatically or manually.

Please read our Terms of Service and Privacy page for more information.

Bugs, Help, and Support

If you encounter any bugs or code that breaks your post, or if you have any questions or need help, please feel free to leave a comment on our Support page.
If you'd like to see more projects like this, visit NoteToServices and use our products.

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