Top 3 most dangerous cities in the world

If we are to speak about dangerous places in the world, then there is clearly the need to make the distinction between recognized conflict zones like Kosovo or Palestine and the other dangerous areas that are that way simply because the crime rate is very high. We made a top 3 of the most dangerous cities that are not open conflict zones, places you should definitely avoid.

San Salvador in El Salvador

30 years ago, El Salvador went through a civil war that changed the country for good. Indeed, things started to improve lately, however, things are very far from being even slightly safe. With all the drug-trafficking gangs and the fight for power, over 1 in one thousand people are killed every single year.

San Pedro Sula in Honduras

Having a murder rate of 173 for 10000 citizens, over 100 times larger than the crime rate in Western Europe, San Pedro Sula is really a place you’d want to avoid. Even the best sirensong personal alarm won’t protect you on the streets of this city. Fortunately for the habitants of the town, most of the murders take place between gang members. But even so, one can hardly imagine how it feels to live in such a city.

Caracas in Venezuela

The world capital of murder, as it can easily be called, Caracas can easily compete with conflict areas like Bagdad. Putting the finger on exactly the reason why the situation is like this is quite hard, considering, all the things that went wrong in Venezuela lately. Of course, the issue of drug cartels and gangs that fight for supremacy is one of the explanations; however, there are a few that think president Chavez is actually encouraging crime through some well-hidden tactics in order for him to maintain control over a chaotic country.