The Most Common Mistake Made On MyPost


The One Mistake Repeatedly Made On MyPost

We wanted to make MyPost as easy as possible to use. We provided an area to write your headline, your password, a meta description, and the choice of your own URL. You can write your own content and there is very little monitoring done on MyPost. In the Advanced Options, you can choose a featured image, a headline font, headline color, headline size, content font, content color, and content size, background color, and so on and so forth. For the most part, in our monitoring of all posts on MyPost, everyone uses it the way it was meant to be used, as a web page creation platform, as a post platform, as a blog, as a website landing page, etc. We provided a toolbar with the most used types of code in HTML.

There is even a tutorial and resources to help everyone learn about the capabilities of MyPost. While we haven't seen the common use of FontAwesome , the one mistake we see most often is how people misunderstanding how to use the YouTube code. So replacing the brackets with parenthesis:

The mistake:

It will appear like this:

Most people add the entire link in the YouTube code but this will not work.

The proper way is to grab the YouTube ID of the video, located at the end of the URL. You will need to copy everything after watch?v=.

The correct way:

It will appear like this:

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