The Beauty of the Acceptance of Death

The Death of David Bowie

As soon as you are born, you are on your way to death. Being born with the knowledge that you are going to die is probably one of the scariest moments in life, yet death is inevitable and it gets closer each year, with our dying pets, relatives, friends, and family. Death never discriminates. Death does not see in color. Death does not care about wealth. Death does not care how well you lived. Death does not care how you die. The only truth of death is that it is certain for all of us.

David Bowie was diagnosed with cancer and knew he had about 18 months to live and it seems he made the best of it, leaving the world with a final album and a music video depicting his own death and his attitude and feelings towards his death.

While the video could only show his acting out his thoughts, it certainly shows his emotions. In the video, David Bowie starts off blindfolded, as if he is wishing to avoid the knowledge of his death, wanting to hide from death lying in a hospital bed, waiting for death to come for him. Then he suddenly realizes the life he had, all that he has done, was beautiful and worth it. He is happy to accept his life for what it is, seen in his dancing. He is not dying, going into the unknown, but rather dying with the knowledge that he has left an impact on this world. Reflecting on his life, he sings that he was singing like a king, and even used up all of his money, and that he is going to be free, like a bird. And he leaves off, isn't that just like me?

David Bowie was always free in life, just as he will be in death. The lyrics are beautiful, but the deeper meaning of his poetry is that he was born into this life and knew his purpose, he served his purpose, and unfortunately, as much as he wanted to continue living life and entertaining the world, he succumbed to the acceptance of his death. He leaves the world, not with a sadness, but with a legacy.

Death and the thought of death is scary, but it is something we all must accept as the inevitable end that is part of our fate, no matter how much we try to avoid it, run from it, escape it, it is the beauty of life that makes death acceptable. In order to die with grace, we must live fully and leave the world a better place than when we came into it. The acceptance of death only comes with the acceptance that we lived a good life. No matter what you have done in your life, no matter what you are doing, you can always change, to ensure that when the times comes, you too, can accept your death.