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Why You Should Share Your Posts

When we created MyPost, we wanted a place to publish something on the Internet and have a URL to return to and see it. Whether we left notes for ourselves or others, or were working on a project, or doing something with HTML. Without having to sign up for a user account. Without having to type in an email address. Without having to give over any identifying information about ourselves. Very few places like that exist on the Internet. For some reason, it is important nowadays that every site has your name and email.

For us, we don't care about your name or your email address. No offense to you. We just have our own lives going on, we have our own jobs, our own projects, and our own things going on. Sorry to disappoint you, but your name and email are actually the last things on our minds. We really don't want to spend time writing you a newsletter that you probably won't read, most of you will end up just hitting the delete button, or it will end up in your spam folder. Besides, we're always working on other things! MyPost is just one of many side projects! So yeah, we built this website not to collect information about you personally, but just to help get things up and out on the Internet quickly!

This website is free to you. The original reason the site was created was to be used as a tool for personal use but it was expanded to be used by everyone in a kind of shareware-freeware kind of way. We make our money in other ways. Eventually, we might add some advertising if we can, but we have no plans to charge for the actual use of this website. It will likely remain free for as long as it exists. Just know that a lot of the features on MyPost are definitely experimental so if you break something... it was probably not designed for that.

It has come in handy and has become a tool for many people who have found a use and made great use of it. There are many things you can do with MyPost. However, there may still be a huge misconception that we want to clear up with you in this blog post right now. If you are posting because you want the Internet to see your post and think it is going to go viral overnight by itself, without you doing anything, you have actually come to the wrong place!

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources or the power to do that for you. The only one who can make your post go viral is you! Your post is actually not discoverable here on MyPost! Only you can make it discoverable by sharing it on your social media networks! We do not distribute it anywhere! We are not a distribution network and we do not publish it anywhere. Your post is largely a secret and is only known to you UNLESS you share it with your friends and family. Once you do share the link though, even once, it has the chance of being found on the Internet. Google and other search engines have spider bots that are very good at finding things.

If you do want it to be discovered, you will have to share your post! It is as simple as that! We also have an option in the SHOW ADVANCED OPTIONS called Show on MyPost and if you select Yes, your post will be displayed in the MyPost Display. This will allow your post to be discoverable by ALL search engines that come to our website and to be indexed and seen by anyone. We have also embedded as much meta data as we possibly can within reason in every post to help search engines understand MyPost and its content so search engines should have no issues,

Please Note: While we do offer you the courtesy of posting pornographic content on our website, we do ask that you keep No selected for Show on MyPost (in other words, do nothing) out of courtesy to all of our visitors, as we want to remain a family-friendly website to the general public. We also ask that, if possible, that you select Yes for Mature Content which helps us and search engines understand your post better. Thank you. (We will moderate your post if we have to do so.)

If you enjoy MyPost or want to get your own post out there, please do share it with your own social media networks! We have plenty of tools on MyPost that are available for you to use that make social media available! We, ourselves, are just a small website, and trying to make a name for ourselves! Please share as much as possible! Thank you!

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