Section 8 Housing

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Section 8 housing application

Even if you have put in a low income housing application, you still are not on a section 8 housing waiting list.

The San Francisco Master Lease program offers housing in single-room occupancy (SRO) hotels to very low-income homeless adults and adult couples without custody of children. The SRO hotels in the program have been renovated by their owners and are managed by nonprofit organizations that provide property management and supportive services on site. Referrals to vacancies come from HSA-selected programs serving homeless adults, city-funded shelters and the County Adult Assistance Programs (CAAP) office for homeless clients receiving benefits such as General Assistance or low income housing.

HSA also supports housing programs in the Local Operating Subsidy Program (LOSP) that offers housing to adults that meet the specific eligibility requirements of each building. The referrals to available vacancies come from HSA-selected programs serving homeless adults and city-funded shelters.

HSA does not take applications directly from clients for either of these programs. Referrals are made only when there is a vacancy as there is no section 8 housing application waiting list. For general questions, call (415) 557-6449.
Housing for Single Adults and Families with Disabilities

HSA administers the federally-funded Shelter Plus Care Program which provides rental subsidies for homeless persons with disabilities. It provides permanent supportive housing for both individuals and families at various sites throughout San Francisco. Eligibility requires applicants to be homeless at the time of intake, and have a certifiable disability related to mental health, substance (ab)use and/or disabling HIV/AIDS. All referrals are solicited directly from HSA through the Coordinated Assessment process. For general questions, call (415) 557-6449.
Permanent Supportive Section 8 Housing for Families

Housing and Homeless Programs partners with several affordable housing developers throughout San Francisco to provide supportive services to formerly homeless and low income families residing in affordable housing developments. Additionally, Housing and Homeless Programs refers a limited number of eligible families to affordable housing developments for housing placement.

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