Review of HTML and BBCode

Using HTML and BBCode on MyPost

With MyPost, just about anything and everything is possible. By default, you could write a beautiful blog post, change the background colors, font colors, font styles, font sizes, and use the handy toolbar located just above the content editor, which gives allows you to change the size of the font, bold, italicize, or underline words, center or right align text, create a list, add a table, or insert a YouTube video. These are just the basic and most common HTML codes you will use. You do not need to know anymore code beyond this if you choose not to know. You can make a gorgeous post with very minimal HTML code.

The code that is provided in the toolbar and the code that you should get to know is based off of the web page: You Only Need 10 HTML Tags with a few our own that we felt were also commonly used. If you learned these 10 HTML codes and the ones listed in the toolbar above, you could do a lot just from those. You could create top ten lists or tables which are what many websites are

There are, however, over a hundred more that codes between HTML and BBCode you can use to enhance your posts, with the addition customized BB Code that was added to the MyPost functionality. For every HTML tag on MyPost, it has a BBCode equivalent. For the HTML code that doesn't exist, but should, we have added BB Code to extend the limitations of HTML including the addition of adding HTML Entities, Dates, and Multimedia from social media networks.

If you find yourself wanting to enhance your post through code, check out our post on MyPost HTML Code and BBCodes.

Try using HTML and BBCode in your post while writing! You will find that it will enhance the quality of your posts!

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