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Abe Lincoln

1441 Monument Ave

Springfield, IL 62702





Washington, DC 1861-1865

  • Served as the first Republican Party president and built the Republican Party into a powerful national organization.
  • Defended and preserved the unity of the United States by defeating the secessionist Confederacy in the Civil War, and instituted a formal Reconstruction Plan to reunite the nation after the war.
  • Supervised all aspects of the war effort and selected top generals (including Ulysses S. Grant) to lead military campaigns
  • Issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, freeing slaves within the Confederacy. Endorsed the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which totally abolished slavery.
  • Delivered the Gettysburg Address, the most famous speech in American history.
  • Signed landmark legislation, including the National Banking Act, legislation that protected American industry, and a bill that chartered the first transcontinental railroad.
  • Supported the Federal Homestead Law (1862), which allowed poor people in the east to acquire land in the west.


Vandalia - Springfield, IL 1834-1842

  • Led the Long Nine group of seven legislators and two senators in moving the state capital from Vandalia to Springfield
  • Helped pass a bill to build better roads and construct a system of canals and railroads making Illinois a more progressive and accessible state.


Springfield, IL 1836-1861

  • Prepared cases for federal courts, the Illinois Supreme Court and the state‚Äôs Eighth Judicial Circuit. Admitted to practice in United States Circuit Court in 1839
  • Joined the Republican Party in 1856 and gained national attention by challenging Stephen A. Douglas to a series of debates in 1858


New Salem, IL 1833-1836

  • Worked diligently to serve and please customers. Routinely walked several miles to deliver mail when I know that someone is waiting for an important letter.


  • Honorary Doctor of Laws Princeton University 1864
  • Honorary Degree Columbia 1861
  • Knox College's First Honorary Doctorate Knox College 1860


  • Accomplished storyteller
  • Excellent writing ability
  • Works well with people
  • Moderate abolitionist
  • Only US president to own a patent, granted in 1849 for device to lift boats over shoals.