Removal of Google Analytics

Google Analytics Has Been Removed For Privacy

After creating and finalizing any website, we install the Google Analytics tracking code, which can be done in seconds. No second thought is ever given to it and it was only a matter of time before we had data about where our visitors were coming from, what pages they were visiting, or how long they stayed on site. Much more information than that including IP address, computers, browsers, screen sizes, etc. could be retrieved. Google Analytics offers enough data for anyone to understand their website.

How important is that data really? It is important if you write for a specific audience or if you want to know where your audience is coming from so you can learn the times people from that area are visiting your website and in learning of that information, you can cater to your audience and post at the times they are visiting. Other than that, Google Analytics has really served no other purpose. It actually does have much more to offer including goals and tracking conversions, which helps greatly if you run an e-commerce or shopping cart website. Once you set up a goal for someone to hit a certain page and they reach it, wallah, you have a conversion! Google Analytics cannot tell you every single thing you need to know, but it can come close.

While it certainly is a compromise of getting a free product and learning about visitors, Google is benefiting more than ever from the information that most websites hand over freely. We may be giving up the discoverability of this website, but we prefer to have our users be more comfortable with using this website and not have to worry about being tracked by Google. In realizing how popular MyPost is becoming and the ever-increasing posts that are being created, we wanted to make our users' posts more private, if they chose to do so. By adding a Google Analytics tracking code on to every post that is created, it defeated the whole purpose of privacy. In removing the tracking code, a large corporation such as Google can no obtain longer any information at all about our users.

We still have some tracking on for MyPost, but the data is less intrusive and stays only on our website with no access from third-parties. The data is similar to what Google Analytics was tracking, such as country of origin, pages being visited, length of visits, and we use this information to try and make our website better for all of our users, no matter where they reside in the world. This information is shared with absolutely no outside parties and we plan to keep it that way. We take privacy very seriously and anything you publish on this website will remain private unless you choose to share it.

We hope you continue to use MyPost and share it with your friends, family, and followers, as helping get the site out there helps others to learn about our mission: Bringing back code to the Internet. As a side benefit, MyPost is great for taking notes, writing distraction free, using it to teach students in a classroom, and much more.

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