New Image Hosting

Native MyPost Image Hosting Available Again

A few years ago, we removed MyPost's Image Hosting service in favor of our CDN service, BinCDN. While the service is still available, fast, and very efficient, we wanted MyPost to have its own native hosting. BinCDN was great but the linking was directly from BinCDN. Thus, we have re-implemented a new hosting service as well as an image storage area for your account.

Uploads are limited to 20 MB and you have an unlimited amount of storage. File types accepted are jpg, gif, png, webp, txt, and pdf. Simply upload the file you wish to add to your storage, copy the link, and use our BBCode Images are meant to load fast and help you express yourself on MyPost.

You may follow the link to upload images or view your images at:

We've also updated our previous article on Image Hosting.

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