MyPost New Pricing and Limitations

MyPost Revamps New Pricing

We understand that free is always the best type of price and would have loved to keep it at free, but free comes at the cost of us being unable to sustain and maintain our product by not charging anything for it. We see that there are quite a few people who find our product useful and using it daily. In an effort to make our pricing as attractive as possible, we are charging just $2.00 per month to post.

Keep in mind that MyPost is very lightly moderated and although most types of posts are tolerated, including adult material, we cannot allow traffic for illegal warez, malware, bootlegged movies, etc. to be posted here, as we must respect the DMCA Copyright laws within the United States. For the most part, however, free speech is welcome here. We do advise against any hate speech, violence, or anti-any groups, as we are not a website that promotes this type of material. Please be respectful of others and the Internet when posting.

As a result of the new pricing, we have also had to set strict limitations on posts and are now currently offering just 1 post for free. While we encourage you to post and learn how use our service, we do appreciate your support. If you are a supporter of MyPost and believe in our product, we hope you will help sustain this project by paying the small fee of $2.00 per month in order to post on our website. We will accomodate you as much as possible and provide you with as much support as you need, but providing us with support helps us to help you as well. We appriecate you using our service and will do our best to continue supporting it with your help.

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