MyPost Is Back

MyPost Has Returned With Upgrades and Subscriptions

Several months ago, MyPost was attacked by multiple spam bots from the dark web that spun content beyond what we were able to monitor, sharing mostly illegal warez and bootlegged movies, music, etc. This violates our terms of service, but we were unable to keep up with the amount of posts. MyPost was shut down for several days until we were able to remove all the scam/spam/illegal posts that were posted. While we do not know exactly who posted them or where they came from, we were forced to remove as many as we could.

It took us several months to understand what we were going to do with MyPost. We thought about abandoning the project but decided against it, as MyPost itself has been a great useful tool for many people who have learned how to use it. Since MyPost utilize PHP 5.6 code, we were unable to move forward without upgrading the code to PHP 7.2 compatibility. While we were pre-occupied with other projects at NoteToServices, we were finally able to comb through tens of thousands of lines and upgrade it. We also moved MyPost to a brand new server and away from the shared hosting we had originally had it on. It is a given that with the upgrade from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.2, MyPost will ultimately faster.

The other major changes to MyPost in regards to its old functionality is that when a post is published, it will no longer create any new HTML files and all old HTML files have been deleted. You may still use the Export HTML command to export posts as HTML, but all posts will no longer have an accompanying HTML version. We feel the auto-HTML feature was barely ever used and posed possible security threats to our server. Image hosting and Document/File hosting have also been removed. We are no longer supporting these features, thus we have removed them completely.

In addition to the PHP upgrade, while we had originally stated MyPost would always be free, we decided that times are changing and we needed to charge for it. The cost is very affordable, but will allow us to continue to operate and protect our service from harmful users. MyPost will now cost $5 per month for unlimited posts and while your posts will remain anonymous to your visitors, you are now the post holder and all your posts are associated with your email address. There are no refunds, but you may cancel at anytime — preferably closer to your Next Payment date. Once cancelled, you will always be able to edit or delete your posts, but you will be unable to create any new posts.

Regardless of who is registered for an account or not, all posts remain private unless shared or made public in the MyPost Display. All posts have the potential to be visible to the public if shared. In order to post, you must login to your account and have cookies enabled. A cookie is set to remember your email for 24 hours. After 24 hours, you must login again to post. All posts will still have their own passwords. Your account password may be separate. When editing posts, you will still have to login using your old password. All newly created posts will now be associated with your email address. All old posts that were created before September 8, 2018 may or may not be associated with an email address.

You must create an account to post. In order to login to your account, you will need to verify your email address. Afterwards, you will be able to get 5 posts for free. After 5 posts, you will must subscribe to MyPost via Paypal to post. We are excited about the changes. We do apologize to our users who were without MyPost for the past 3 - 6 months and are unhappy with the changes, but going forward, we felt this was the best course in order to keep MyPost alive and operational.

We hope you enjoy MyPost! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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