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The Perfect Teaching Tool

Whether you are a web design teacher or a teacher of any subject, you probably have access to the tools you are given by the school system, and you have probably already found it somewhat limiting in what you can do. After all, the plain and simple black and white text is not going to hold attention spans for a very long time. In a world where even Facebook can become boring after a while, with its default white and blue colors, students are looking elsewhere for anything that will capture their attention and they will probably focus on that, rather than your lecture or your writing assignment. What can you possibly do?

Turn to MyPost and let it do the work for you. Why not add a pink or black background with white font? How about a teal background with some blue text? Change up the color scheme every time and keep your students guessing at your creativity. The whole point of changing colors with each assignment is to give variety and capture attention. Not only can you capture attention, but why not enable the comment system and have your students reply to your post?

In order to change colors or enable comments, HTML knowledge is not required on MyPost.

How about having your students create their own posts and respond to yours with a link to their post?

Our Save Post system will allow you to return back to all of your saved posts at any time you want. Practice saving a post by clicking on the link below that says "save post". It's really that easy. On the front page, you can access your saved posts by entering your email and password that you entered in order to save the post. Keep a list of your saved posts from your students and even use the notes system to make notes for why you saved the posts. Be sure to read our tutorial on saved posts to help you better understand how to use them.

With MyPost, you can turn on the comment system and have discussions with your students about topics listed on your posts. While our comment system is very basic, with no way to delete comments, it may work to your benefit of not have comments deleted. We also offer the alternative DISQUS comment system, if you prefer to use an external comment system. Afterwards, when the assignment is complete, and the school year is over, you can easily delete your post and start over again for a new school year.

If you are a computer teacher who is giving lessons for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, than we are the perfect website to do it. Not only do you have your resources, but you can use our resources and samples to compliment and assist with your teaching methods. While we do offer some shortcuts in the form of BBCode, students can write out their HTML and CSS and you can view the source to make sure their work was done correctly. Check out our entire code system to know the HTML and BBCodes that can be used on MyPost. Want more advanced features? Check out our blog post on JavaScript to see how easy it is to incorporate basic JavaScript into your posts.

Have your students get creative with web design and coding! MyPost allows you and your students to be creative with your design! Check out our Display page to see how creative you can be with MyPost!

Both teachers and students can create posts and then later go back in and edit their posts. All they have to do is remember the password they used when first setting up their post on MyPost. There is an option to enter in an email address for password recovery, just in case the student or the teacher forgot their password. We highly encourage you to enter in your email address, just in case! We take privacy very seriously, so your email address is only used for password recovery.

With MyPost, your students will get real life experience of what it is like to be a web designer and a web developer. There is no limit to what they can or cannot do. We highly encourage learning on our system. MyPost is completely free and unless you share your posts, you have complete privacy with your students. There is also an option listed under the SHOW ADVANCED OPTIONS section in the post editor to discourage search engines from indexing or following your post on MyPost using noindex, nofollow robots attribute tag in the header.

Consider using MyPost today to teach your students valuable lessons in the world of web design! Get started today!

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