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Taking Notes with MyPost

When it comes to taking notes the old fashioned way on a computer, you would normally open Notepad or Microsoft Word and write your document. Afterwards, you save your document and have it available on your desktop. The issue is that you might have a desktop, a laptop, a work computer, and a smartphone, and now you need to access that document. You happen to be at work and not home, so the document is on your computer at home, and you have no way to access it.

You could use plenty of websites that store your information in the cloud, such as Google Drive or One Drive, and you could definitely be fine, but what if you wanted others to see that document? You would have to give them permission to view, wait until they accept permission to access your file, and if they don't already have a Gmail account, there are extra steps required.

With MyPost, simply start on the homepage of MyPost, click on Create a Post Today! and start writing your post! Then share the link with your friends! It is really that easy. Best of all, so you don't lose your post, at the bottom of your post is a link to save it! After you save your post, you can access it later on through the homepage by clicking on SAVED, and using the email you saved your post with to see a list of all your saved posts! It is very helpful in situations where you have a meeting and need quick access to write and read your notes or document. Feel free to use MyPost to get the job done for you!

MyPost is useful in many ways from taking notes, displaying a presentation, sharing information with others, writing a blog post, and much more, and being able to simply access it no matter where you are, no matter what device you are on, so long as you have an Internet connection, you can access your post! Best of all, until you share the link with others, it is completely private! Search engines cannot discover it and you can even discourage search engines from finding it completely if you wish for it to never be seen by the eyes of the Internet. Your post is for your eyes only until you share it!

You can even create a Grocery list and bring it up later on at the store! Get more creative and start a leveled list of several items! If you prefer to have a list of items that are across from each other, try an inline list! Want to be even more creative? How about creating a list on a clipboard!

Why forget where you stored your notes? Why force others to have to request permission to view a file you are trying to show them? Simply share the link with them and they will have it! If you want to go a step further and have them make changes to the document, feel free to share your password with them! You can always change it later on when you no longer want other people accessing your post. When it comes to writing anything down, think of MyPost! It is easy to use and quick access to your notes!

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