MyPost Enhanced With Cloudflare

MyPost Gets A Boost With Cloudflare Caching and Security

We are happy to announce that we have enhanced MyPost with Cloudflare for caching and security. All posts are routing through Cloudflare and all visitors should experience near instant loading time when visiting a page, no matter where they are in the world. This will also help keep our server more secure and optimized. All posts will be cached indefinitely until they have been edited and updated. It is the only time posts will ever be uncached. This will ensure speed remains a priority on our server.

Other options that we have enabled on Cloudflare are AlwaysOnline, RocketLoader, minifying CSS, HTML, and JSS, among other speedy and security options, specifically very heavy caching. This should be a very beneficial for visitor experience and creating posts in a hurry. There is currently no way to opt out of Cloudflare on MyPost and we have no plans to offer an option to opt out. We feel this will be a great experience for all of our users, no matter whether you are creating posts or just viewing them.

We appreciate you using MyPost and hope Cloudflare will make your experience even better.

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