MyPost Discontinuation Of Temporary Email Services

Fake or Temporary Email Services No Longer Allowed

The purpose of this website is to try and help people continue to have free speech, learn about web design, or even start a blog, no matter what country they are in and no matter where they are from. In order to continue to support our service, we had to start charging for our service. In exchange, we had offered the ability for anyone to create an email account with the limitation of 5 posts.

As with the past abuse of our system, we are working to prevent any exploitation of the service, as those who continually seek to exploit it could possibly lead to our discontinuation of this website. We really want to keep it running, therefore, we have to keep learning about the exploitation of MyPost. We found that people are bypassing the 5 post limitation and just creating new email addresses using temporary and disposable email services. As a result, we will no longer allow signups through any of the disposable email services. There are dozens of legitimate emails services you may use. If you find yourself blocked from signing up and your email service is legit, please contact us and let us know.

Over 4,000 temporary email services are now blocked from signing up to MyPost. We will continue to protect our service from being abused. For the time being, an account comes with 5 free posts to give our users the opportunity to experience the freedom and powers of MyPost. After 5 posts, you will be unable to post until you subscribe to pay $5 per month to post an unlimited amount of posts. You are not locked into any plan, though we cannot offer any refunds if you decide the service is not for you.

You may cancel at any time. We do not delete or prevent you from editing your posts if you decide to cancel your subscription, you will just be unable to post any new posts. We do apologize for the legitimate people signing up with a disposable email service, but the intention was that people would pay to continue to support a service they found useful. We understand that this may cause some users to no longer use our service, but we take these chances in hopes that people understand the value and importance of MyPost to those who are using it daily.

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