MyPost Advises Awareness Against Links

Think Before You Click A Link

The MyPost platform was created to help people around the world learn how to write code or just enjoy the simplistic beauty of HTML and CSS. It has attracted people of all ages and from all over the world. We have seen posts from Brazil, India, Russia, Philippines, Australia, Japan, and even China. MyPost is a free web page creation platform that helps people have a free voice and to post whatever they may desire. It encourages everyone to be free. We very lightly monitor your posts, which means that posts may also come with risks, especially within the links in our posts.

There are thousands of posts already created, with hundreds of new posts being created everyday. We cannot possibly monitor every post, so we implore you to think before you click a link. When you report it, via our contact form, we will be notified and put a warning upon the post for several days before we remove the post. We have been emailed with threats reporting us to search engines, but please be advised: we are not the ones that encourage this behavior. We ask that our users not post links to viruses.

We highly, highly advise you to never click a link that takes you to a download, especially if it is a website you have never been to before. If you do, you do so at your own risk. Please download anti-virus scanner and anti-malware detection software. The world can be a dangerous place, especially on the Internet, and when we are receiving posts from all over the world, you must be very weary of what links you click. We will try to help you as best as we can in regards to deleting a post or warning others, but we cannot stop you from clicking the links on this website.

Before you click a link or even use a website, you should read its Terms of Service. By continuing your use of this website, whether posting, visiting, or reading, you do not hold us responsible for what happens to you when you click a link and leave this website, We encourage a friendly and supportive community of bloggers, experimenters, and creative artists to explore their imagination with HTML and CSS.

We advise you that when you enter MyPost, you understand that this website and the contents of this website consist of thousands of different people. You do not hold liable MyPost or any of its direct associates for clicking a link on this website and damaging your computer. We are very serious about trying to protect our users, we advise you report the post to us immediately, and we ask that you stick to our guideline for links: think before you click a link.

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