Multiple Google Fonts

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The two default fonts in this sample set by MyPost are:
Headline: Oswald
Content: Raleway

You can add multiple fonts through the Custom CSS box by using this line:

@import url(; 
@import url(,700);
Than you can change the font through a span style.

You can also add fonts this way in the Content area:

<link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"//\" type=\"text/css\">
<link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"//\" type=\"text/css\">

The reason for the two fonts above only is because the Headline font is Oswald and the Content font is Raleway, which were already chosen at the making of this post. The font stylesheets only need to be called once. You can add as many fonts as you would like.

For a list of fonts:

This is a sample of each font:

This is a font called PT Sans.
This is a font called Roboto.
This is the headline font called Oswald.
This is the content font called Raleway.
<span style=\"font-family: PT Sans;\">This is a font called PT Sans.</span>
<span style=\"font-family: Roboto;\">This is a font called Roboto.</span>
<span style=\"font-family: Oswald;\">This is the headline font called Oswald.</span>
<span style=\"font-family: Raleway;\">This is the content font called Raleway.</span>

Don't see a Google font listed? Let us know!