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MyPost Moderating Posts for Mature Content

We created MyPost with the intention that it would be for all users and we are proud of what it is and what it has become. Our audiences range vastly from young teenagers to older professionals. We knew our goals in creating MyPost and we wanted to give users the complete freedom to do as they pleased with their posts. Before we created this website, we knew where it could lead, so we checked with our own web host to make sure that Adult Content was allowed. We even got on the Live Chat for our host and spoke with a representative of the company, who assured us that Adult Material/Mature Content/Pornography was okay to have on MyPost, so long as it was legal within the continental 50 states of the United States of America.

We like to think of ourselves as a family-friendly website, for the most part. At least, when it comes to our "public display" in which posts can be discovered and shared easily, they do not contain pornographic or adult material. If they do, they should be labeled to let search engines know that they are not suitable for a younger audience. This is our attempt to help search engines filter out your post, especially if children are searching the Internet, they would not be able to easily find your post. While almost all children discover pornography or adult material on the Internet, we would like to not assist or be a website that encourages that type of behavior.

We have taken measures to ensure that data on MyPost is private unless you choose to share it. We also took measure to ensure that your data was secure, meaning it would be hard to discover on its own, and bots and hackers would struggle to break in. Of course, a web page or a website is only as secure as the strongest password that is not found anywhere in the dictionary and could not easily be hacked with brute force scripts. There are very limited eyes on any posts that are created by you, as we wanted to give our users privacy. However, on occasion, we do have a volunteer staff member who monitors posts from time to time to ensure that it follows our rules.

Our rules when creating posts are as follows:

  • cannot contain illegal material (encouragement of violence, violent videos, material deemed "brutal", etc.)
  • cannot be used to sell sex or exchange sexual favors
  • cannot be used to sell illicit or prescription drugs
  • pornographic or adult material is allowed, but it must be labeled as such

The last rule means that if your post contains nudity of any kind of links that lead to websites deemed unsuitable for children to see, than it should be labeled. When labeling your post as Mature Content, your post will not show up in our Public Display, even if you mark it to do so. It also adds two meta tags:

While it is not guaranteed that search engines will see your post or mark it as Mature Content, we feel it is best to do our part for any search engines, software or web applications that do take those tags into consideration. Therefore, it is imperative that if your post contains pornography, adult content, or mature content, that you mark it to say Yes. While we will not ban you for not doing it, we simply ask that you respect the fact that there are children on the Internet, and that you are helping to take measures to reduce their exposure to content that they do not need to discover. We ask that you help us out in marking the post as Mature Content yourself.

How do you know if it should be marked as Mature Content? If you have a child, niece, or nephew who is not yet an adult and you think they should not see it, than you should probably mark it for Mature Content. To mark your post as Mature Content, take a look at the following screenshot:

In reviewing the thousands of posts that have been created since the start of MyPost, we discovered that there are plenty of posts containing sexual or adult material that are not properly labeled. As a precaution, we edited these posts to be marked as Mature Content. In using this website, as part of the TOS agreement, you do grant us permission to edit your post for that specific reason. We will not edit your post or change the content in any way, but we do have to protect our own vision of this website and ensure that its general areas are suited for general content and are family-friendly.

To summarize: We do not restrict the posting of adult content, mature content, or pornography, but if your post does contain such material, we ask that you mark it as Mature Content with a Yes. If you do not mark it, we reserve the right to edit your post and do it for you.

Thank you for using MyPost!

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