User Have To Bear In Mind: Mobile Data Privacy and App Security Problems

Mobile devices are in-thing, and the majority of people are using for a variety of purposes including simple gaming to risky transactions in a shopping app. Therefore, bad intended people/hackers are now more active thanks to low hanging fruits they see in it.

They pose several mild to severe threats to the mobile app users and become the cause of big harms to the public. They come with various malicious intentions, such as:
• Malware injections
• App code tempering
• Data interceptions
• Data theft and breaching
• Hacking of devices and peripheral services to the app functionality

How to Secure App & Data Privacy

Complete security comes with collaborative efforts from both sides, by users and app developers. Let’s see how users can contribute to data privacy and app security.

Users’ Role:

• Users should take some upfront precautions like-
• Must Buy High-end Secure Devices
• Should Have Secure OS (Operating System)
• Downloads from Trusted Sources
• Go for Secure Connectivity
• Tips for BYOD Users

Developers’ Role:

Similar to users, app developers are liable to take some security and privacy measures such as:
• Secure mobile app code
• Secure app connectivity
• Identification, authentication, and authorization measures
• Data security
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