JavaScript No Longer Supported

MyPost No Longer Actively Supporting JavaScript

When we first designed MyPost, we wanted to give our users the full functionality of understanding what web design was like, including HTML and CSS. We also decided to later add support for JavaScript, believing this was something that has largely helped web design become what it is today. However, as HTML5 and CSS3 continue to advance, it is become more clear that things can easily be done without JavaScript.

JavaScript, as beautiful of a code as it can be, and as helpful and useful as it proves itself to be, still has many security concerns. While many browsers support most basic code of JavaScript, more advanced scripts are either disabled or ignored. Our way around the security of browsers was to implement JavaScript through BBCode, which allowed most JavaScript code on MyPost to be used without issues. The support of JavaScript was originally implemented as experimental and some of it worked, while some did not. In the beginning, some users took advantage of it, while others probably did not know how to use it. We also had to learn how users were using JavaScript on our site and disabled threatening and dangerous scripts on our site very quickly.

As browsers are constantly being updated, and we realize that many of our users are not even using JavaScript on MyPost when creating posts, we have decided that it is not worth it to continue supporting JavaScript. Therefore, we are officially removing your ability to add it to your posts directly, which could be found in the SHOW ADVANCED OPTIONS section under Custom JavaScript. You may still add it via the Content box and using BB code. We will leave our documentation and samples up if you decide to use it, but we cannot guarantee it will work for you, and we will no longer actively support it at all anymore.

We believe that much of what you used to do with JavaScript, you can now just do with HTML and CSS and this has assisted us in our decision to remove JavaScript support. If there is a JavaScript code you would like to see implemented into the core code of MyPost, please feel free to contact us and let us know the code, the exact files (with a URL to a sample of the code), and why you feel it would be useful to add to the core code.

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