Increased Font List

MyPost Has Increased Its Font List

When we created MyPost, the idea of the website was all about creativity and freedom of expression. With this came the ability to change font sizes, colors, and the fonts themselves. There are only about 10-15 standards web safe fonts, which is great, but with this comes limitation in how your content can look. Each font itself is unique and has its own distinct personality that might match your content or your own personality.

Originally, we were looking for ways to pull in the Google Fonts because there are hundreds of them, so what better way to use a free font than to install it on MyPost? We had searched for solutions and found someone who had listed all the Google fonts and we used that file to list the fonts on MyPost. Unfortunately, we realized that this file never gets updated, as the last update to that file was in February of 2016. Since then, Google has added at least a hundred more fonts to their collection. So we worked diligently to figure out a way to grab all Google fonts using their API and we were successful in doing so. At the time of this writing, Google has about 845 fonts in their system, which are available to you for use on MyPost.

We do caution that some web safe fonts may not work and some Google fonts may not work. This is usually because Windows, Mac OS, Chromebook, or Linux systems may not support it or the web safe font may not be installed on your system. The browser you are using may also not render it correctly. As a result, the font will appear as a regular font, usually the standard, which means that it will appear as an Arial or serif font. For example, my Chromebook will not render every font, but my Windows computer, which has Adobe Photoshop installed on it, renders nearly all fonts. This also means that you may be using a font and it will work on your system, but to others, they will not actually see the font if it does not work on their system. Try using several different computers to view your post to ensure that your font works on all systems. For the most part, Google does a great job of making sure their fonts work. And while all web safe fonts work, there are some web fonts that will just not render correctly.

Regardless of whether the fonts render on our system or not, we have included many non-web safe fonts as well, as they may appear on your system and we would not feel it is right that just because we can't view a certain font that it should be eliminated from MyPost. Please view our font list to peak at the font of your choice. Currently, we stand at 898 fonts.

If you know of any additional fonts that are not listed, but would like to see them in our system, please contact us and let us know. We do not accept physical TypeFace or Typekit fonts, but they must be able to easily link as a rel or javascript and be called accordingly, similar to being able to call a Google font.

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