How To Start Your Own Online Business Store

Why would I possibly need an online shop for Business?

Web sales nearly topped $400 billion last year, with nearly 12% of all retail sales being done online. The market opportunity is projected to grow with new trends increasingly making it easier to shop online using mobile devices. This provides a whole new platform for your business to flourish.

Further, smartphones and tablets are driving an increasing amount of web traffic, and numbers are on the rise as mobile devices become much cheaper and more mainstream.

Build Online store for your business

You need to be aware of the resources required to build-up your online shop, develop marketing and sales, keep track of product inventory and ultimately fulfill customer orders you can also take advantage of the online market. You can use it as a way to bridge the gap as you grow from a small shop to a serious online goods provider and utilize the growing number of products and services that allow your business to run smoother. Essentially you need an eCommerce development company.

Which platform do I choose?

What platform you decide to utilize prior to building your website is of the utmost importance. The leading development platforms currently are NET. PHP and JSP. Here are some great examples of platforms written in PHP.

Magento is an open-source eCommerce development platform, one of the world’s best eCommerce platforms and a vibrant community. If you opt for Magento development, you get access to Magento Marketplace where you see how other customers are utilizing the tools readily available and transforming their businesses.

All Magento Marketplace sales are split between developers and Magento respectively at 70% to 30%. Revenue shares include all costs of the extension as well as any additional fees that include recurring subscription fees or fees or usage-based pricing. There is also a Magento mobile app which allows you to customize the ins and outs of your business in real-time no matter where you are.

PrestaShop is another excellent example, just like Magento, of the best eCommerce platforms around. It boasts 1,000,000 members and forums for discussion brimming with guides and expert advice. There is also a PrestaShop mobile app which allows you to customize your business on the go.

There is aptly name freemium platform, that helps retailers the world over to create localized and easily customizable online stores without breaking a sweat. There is a wealth of information at their PrestaShop online store. So you can weigh the pros and cons of either Magento development or that at PrestaShop

How to make my website stand out

The first thing you need is to procure for yourself a readily available and super-catchy web name. It has to also be available on social media platforms, on Facebook, on Instagram and Twitter — it has to also be in line with the type of business you’re trying to run. A website’s business above and beyond is to sell a product or a service

Prior to picking the server type of your choice, you have to worry about how the website will run, whether you want it to be more user-friendly, or you mostly wish to optimize it for Search Engine Optimization, SEO.

And remember, never flood data when it comes to the mission statement. People get bored by excessive amounts of text. They want the gist of what your business is about and the offerings of your products. A single sentence can be powerful enough to induce more clicks and further perusal of your website.

Depending on the type of business you have, it is necessary to have a section on the website that gives information to someone who wants to know more. If you have testimonials from former clients who are happy with the service or product, have a page header that says testimonials. Don’t be humble, but don’t be arrogant, come off as confident. Your website should be tailored toward the mission statement, and more importantly the information your users will want to see.

Where you put the ‘contact me’ information is very important so that an interested party can quickly call. Putting ‘click to call’ or ‘click to email’ or even having a chat option on standby, is a very good way to get easy and repeat business. Customers want their role to be as easy as possible, and the experience to be as streamlined as possible. A big no-no is having outdated contact or product information on your website.

For the safety of your clients and for your credibility, make sure to secure your website with an SSL Certificate to encrypt any information from you or your clients. Identity theft is rampant on the web nowadays and being careful makes a world of difference for people transacting with their Credit/ Debit card number or entering their ID numbers and Social security numbers. Magento development or that at Prestashop offers the information and tools on how best to do this.
Promoting my product

Social Media is the unsung hero of marketing content. You need to promote your products on all platforms and reach as many people who will tweet, share and tag that product. Creating an app is key for people on the go.

For reference, there is a Magento mobile app and also a PrestaShop mobile app, and they allow people to work on the move. Integrating social media and an app into your pool of resources will certainly boost your SEO which will significantly boost your business profile. Magento development can help you streamline your business across different social platforms seamlessly.

Product descriptions are key because people subconsciously vibe with them. It’s why people hum the McDonalds ‘I’m Lovin’ it’ jingle. It’s simple but catchy and definitely vibes with young kids. This is why you have to break down the type of person will be using your product, and then you adjust your tone to them and make sure it can compete with competitors. Great marketing content sells itself, and it’s very important it be brilliant because it’s what the customer is sure to see first.

Building your very own eCommerce business is no easy task. There is a multitude of things you must account for, from your budget to outsourcing for professional copywriting and web building through marketing and promotion.

For further assistance on setting up a business. Don’t hesitate to contact a leading eCommerce development company,