How To Eat Marijuana Edibles

We will always love smoking marijuana, from the taste, to that burning sensation as it goes down, to the exhale of ecstasy, but there is something about eating marijuana that feels just right. The effects are as potent as smoking marijuana, except you are not smoking it. You are eating it.

Marijuana is one of the safest drugs that you can take into your system. There are numerous ways to consume it including smoking it, eating it, breathing it, injecting it, and even rubbing it on your skin can get you a certain high or "good feeling". There is no right or wrong way to intake marijuana and it all depends on personal preference.

Back in my teenage years, I only knew about smoking marijuana from the little dime bag you bought which contained a small herb of the plant. You would smoke it into your lungs and get high. The feelings would sometimes be a burning sensation, and depending on your experience and mindset, you could get paranoid, hungry, happy, sleepy, depressed, or have this desire to become a complete isolationist, just so you could enjoy your high alone and understand the universe.

Nowadays, marijuana comes in all shapes and sizes, from resin to dabs to wax to nuggets to edibles. While I'm not here to get into any of the others, I highly recommend that you try marijuana in all its shapes and sizes and see what works for you. Dabs are insanely powerful and a tiny bit will give you a high like you never had in high school. A small amount will keep you high for hours on end and it will feel like the first time you smoked pot all over again. As with everything, the more you do it, the more a tolerance can be built up. When it comes to marijuana or any other drugs, give your body a break away from it. Let your mind forget all about it so that you can experience it as if it was one of your first times.

Now that we got all that covered, we'll get into what we have now replaced our smoking habit with: eating. There are a great amount of benefits to eating pot rather than smoking it and one of the primary reasons is: weed, no matter how much you want to hide the smell, is detectable by scent and in many cases, your eyes. The smell gets into your clothes, all around your surroundings, and while I absolutely love the smell of pot, not everyone else does, and this could be a problem, especially if you don't live in a legalized state. Your eyes also become bloodshot and it is apparently obvious. Not so much when you eat marijuana.

The high you get from smoking is different from eating it, but the effects, although they take slightly longer to kick in, eating marijuana all depends on your digestive system. You could be high in as little as 20 minutes or it could take up to an hour or more. In the arguments against eating marijuana edibles, the time it takes to get high is definitely longer. Fortunately, the potency is much stronger, considering it went through your digestive system and was processed by your liver which processes into the blood stream, where it circulates in the blood throughout the body, and make its way into the brain. Smoking it on the other hand will give you near-instant results, but the high is over much faster.

People hate the feeling of an LSD trip after eating a marijuana edible. They hate the jitters and the paranoia that tends to come with eating edibles. In fact, these are not the actual effects of edibles if taken in smaller doses. Most people eat an entire cookie, down a whole brownie, eat an entire chocolate bar, drink a whole bottle of marijuana soda, and then wonder why they had a crazy trip and think there is something wrong with the marijuana. It is very hard to overdose and die on marijuana, but overdosing is quite common, and when you overdose, you go through the experiences of everything I mentioned. Learn what your body can handle, ingest what your body can handle, and a marijuana edible is amazing.

Some people who eat edibles think it is not working, though the effects usually just creep up on them, and once they stand up, or start walking, they realize just how high they are. If they don't feel the full effect immediately, they jump to the conclusion that the cookie didn't work and so they eat another cookie, and another. This is the wrong thing to do. Drink three coffees in a row and let me know what happens. Triple dose of caffeine will have you anxious and looking like you have ADHD. The same goes for 3 THC-infused cookies.

You must experiment with edibles and your doses and understand the right one for you. Not even your doctor can tell you how much you should be consuming. Start off with a small dosage, like a quarter of a cookie, and work your way up to half, then move on to a whole. If you feel you aren't getting high after a while, but you are consuming edibles everyday, as I said before, you need to give your body a break for a while.

Edibles get a bad rap and don't deserve it. Fortunately, with the availability of marijuana and edibles in legalized states, many visitors and tourists are turning to edibles because they prefer the method of ease for getting it into their system. It can be disguised as something else and the comfort with doing it in front of others is easy because they cannot smell it and all people see you doing is eating a cookie, or a brownie, or whatever THC-infused food you are eating. Many people with kids are also turning to edibles because they do not want to be a bad influence on their children, but eating it: the child never knows and believes its normal because its food.

Experiment with edibles and see which ones are right for you. Ask the representative about their opinion of what edibles are good and which ones are not recommended. You can also find plenty of reviews online for what to eat. You can even go buy marijuana and bake with it or create a butter stick and cook with it. Take your time, learn what you like, and learn what your body can handle. We love marijuana edibles and we hope you will too!