How To Cut Expenses

CLIP COUPONS WITH YOUR FAMILY. Save receipts and figure out how much you saved using the coupons. Exchange coupons with friends.

USE A LIST TO DO GROCERY SHOPPING, so you buy only what you need. Have family members make the weekly grocery list by posting it in a convenient place and adding items as the week goes by.

MAKE COST COMPARISONS FUN. Shop with family members and compare prices for an item in different stores. Or discuss an item's different prices at a family budget meeting.


DECIDE FAMILY MEMBERS' ALLOWANCES by talking with them about what they really need and what their goals are. Help eachother manage allowances.

EAT AT HOME AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE, and take your lunches to work and school. Share the task of making meals, or make them together. Eating out can be very expensive.

LOOK IN RESALE SHOPS for quality used clothing, furniture, sporting equipment, and toys.

TRADE SERVICES WITH FRIENDS rather than paying for them. For example, trade babysitting to reduce the cost of a night out, trade tutoring in math for lawn mowing, or plumbing for tax preparation.

FIND FUN, FREE ACTIVITIES AND PLACES in your area, such as concerts, parks, and museums.