Forbidden Materials On MyPost

Keeping The MyPost Community Safe

As we learn about the behaviors of our users, we try to protect the community and keep it safe from anyone who abuses our policies. We try our best to keep your privacy your own. As stated in our policy, MyPost is very lightly moderated, and with over 8,000 posts, we cannot possibly review every single one, but we can learn about posts by searching for "keywords" that allow us to know what is being posted without actually going into any of your posts.

Several things that we have noticed and are completely forbidden is anything that explicitly shares malware, cracks, bootlegged movies, "free" versions of professional software, or anything that is obtained illegally or maliciously and shared with the Internet. The DMCA (DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT OF 1998) has a strict policy of removing not only the content of the web page and actively works against such material being on any website, but has the legal right to shut down the entire website if such materials are found.

As a result, we have strict policies to remove this content immediately without warning or without notice to you. We will protect our website at all costs, even if it means preventing you from logging in ever again, recording your IP address, or any other means to stop you from posting material that clearly violates our Terms of Service. When you signed up for this website, you gave us permission to remove any material we deem unfit or inappropriate for the website. We have many users signed up and using this website actively and cannot jeopardize their content. Therefore, we stress that any users who come to use our website to share illegal materials refrain from even signing up and to please take your business elsewhere.

We try to give our users the full benefit of the doubt, but it is dire that we uphold the strict guidelines of our own host and the DMCA. Any users caught violating our policies must quit using our website immediately. We do not believe in your philosophy of sharing things illegally. Many man hours and people come together and work on an assortment of projects around the world, including MyPost. While we believe in open source software and even free software, for those who release free versions with limitations, we believe in the fairness of distribution of movies, software, etc., by doing it the legal way to affirm its value that it has to you.

Therefore, if this is not your philosophy and you continue to use MyPost for the distribution of content illegally, we will be forced to ban you indefinitely via email & ip address. Please respect our community, our users, and the works of those who have spent hours creating software, movies, or video games. MyPost was not meant as a tool for harm, but a tool for good. It gives everyone on the Internet the power of a voice, a place to post without judgement, a place to share free thought and legal content freely.

Thank you for being a valued member of our community!

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