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I am Ricky Eckhardt. My love for the internet was born very early. From the first time I clicked “View Source” I knew this was what I wanted to do for my life. I am looking for a great team to work with remotely. I want to build great projects that make a difference. One goal would be to help others ( Kids ) learn to code, start-up and grow the next generation of technologies.


I love to solve problems.

Enjoy paper and pencil wire-framing and Codepen quick sketches.

I organize my tasks in threes and love sticky notes.

I try to nail my designs down to the pixel .

Refactoring source down to the smallest degree is a fun time.

I love reading new books.

Preprocessors are a joy to use.

I know the difference between LAMP and MEAN.

Love Git, Sublime and Console, hate WYSIWYG.

Nth Degree is where I start, period.


I have worked everything from the US Navy to a Small Business Outreach center. Beyond working on computers, I absolutely love web development. I have enjoyed learning everything the web has to offer. From the first time I picked up a book on HTML 4.0 I was hooked. Beyond what I do, I am a proud husband and father. I love midcentury modern, vanilla lattes and pizza. I drive a Mini, hate too many choices and prefer paper books over kindle.