Footer Removed When Printing

Footer Is Now Removed When Printing!

A while ago, when you went to print, you had to print with the Edit Post | Save Post | Create Post links left in your post. This obviously did not need to be in an actual print copy of a page. It only makes sense that when you go to print your post, you would not want the footer to be left in. There were certainly ways around it, such as hiding the footer itself, which you can do with MyPost advanced Custom CSS, but why should our users have to go through the trouble of writing the CSS to hide the footer when printing.

We have now added this code in our script to automatically remove the footer when printing so you do not have to worry about it. Whether you are printing a main page of our or one of your posts, the footer is now removed. This is just one more step to trying to make MyPost as user-friendly and accessible to you as possible.

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