MyPost Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is MyPost?
MyPost allows you to design your own web pages or posts and then publish them on the Internet. With MyPost, you have the freedom to write with or without code, using basic HTML or BBCode to make beautiful and professional posts with plenty of options available for custofremization, including fonts, colors, and sizes, as well as the ability to allow comments, and much more. Several additional customizations have been added in the form of BBCode to make using MyPost even better. You can also enhance your post with customized CSS.

Who can use MyPost?
MyPost is for all ages. Whether you are a child, teenager, adult or a poet, amateur writer, programmer, or someone looking to get out their thoughts, express their creativity, or present information for a job, it can be done right on MyPost. If you are an avid user of Reddit, you may find MyPost very useful for sharing excess information.

What can I do with MyPost?
If you want to practice your writing skills, get your ideas out, present information or knowledge, build a powerful and beautiful web page, post, or website, but don’t want the hassle of going through the process of finding a domain name, host, and creating your own website, than MyPost is for you.

MyPost is for anyone looking to do anything in terms of having information, presenting information, or expressing information on the Internet.

These are just a few things that you can build with MyPost:

Why use MyPost?
If the above has not convinced you, we keep to the philosophy that unless we are selling you a product, want to become your good friend, or send you information, we really don't need your email address. Therefore, we do not collect any personal information about you or from you. The Post form does offer the option for you to add your email address in case you do lose your password, but we do not actually collect or use this email address in any way, shape, or form. It serves the purpose of simply being the email address you use to retrieve your password.

We do not want you to sign up for anything. We do not need you to create a profile or an account. We do not even want to email you anything. We just want to make creating a website, web page, or post easy for you. No signups. No registration. No profiles. No exchange of personal information. No hassle. No frustrations.

Straightforward to creating a post!

The exception to this is that when you save a post, an account is created using your email address and the password you choose. This information is never seen by us and we do nothing with it. Upon deletion of all of your saved posts, the account is deleted.

How does MyPost work?
On the homepage, click on “Create a Post” and you will be taken to a page with an editor. At its most basic, fill in a headline and a password. Those are the only two requirements. Everything else is up to you. Once you hit preview, you can see the results of your work and if you like what you see, hit Publish. Otherwise, return to edit your post and make changes until you are satisfied.

If you are looking for more advanced options, there are a variety to choose from, including Font Name, Color, and Size of the Headline and the Content. Change the color of the ScrollToTop button. Add Comments and change the shade of the comments too! Want to have social media sharing options available on the side of your page? Maybe the bottom? You can customize that too! You can also choose to make your post public on MyPost so others can see your work!

I already have a website, why use MyPost?
It is wonderful that you have a website and we encourage you to establish your real estate on the Internet, but MyPost can be for you, whether you have a website or not. Your website is designed with a certain template, a certain look, a certain theme, with specific unique content, and you may like it that way, and may not have room for other content.

For example, you may run a website that focuses on food and recipes, or fixing automobiles, but you just want to write about something different this time, and may not want it on your website. MyPost is your solution!

With MyPost:
  • provide a completely different look that leads back to your website or another website
  • write articles, posts, or material that may not be related to your website
  • enjoy the anonymity and non-association with your website
  • have a different style or theme, different fonts, different everything
  • spread links back to your website
  • provide announcements to make about your website
  • keep your website clean by providing a post with more vulgar images or content
  • and much more!

Must I choose a password?
A password is required in order to create a post, as you may feel the need to return back to the post to edit it later on. We highly recommend that you choose a strong password and keep it safe and secure.

How do I use MyPost?
Simply click Create Post located on the home page and start typing. All HTML tags are accepted, BBCode, Font Awesome, and several MyPost customized BBCodes are offered. Read more about the Code that you can use.

Is MyPost Free?
MyPost is completely free to use for the time being, but registration is required..

Why is MyPost free?
MyPost is a fully-featured experiment written in PHP, and utilizes HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and the Skeleton framework. It is under semi-active development and may include noticeable bugs and broken code that we hope you report to us.

The UI/UX development process was set up to test the world wide web in bringing back simplicity and user-friendliness to the Internet. It is a project that exposes many Internet users who have yet to take the giant leap from just "signing up" and "registering" for accounts to actually "designing" and "developing" webpages on the Internet. While most websites require an email or a username, we wanted to develop a website that allowed anyone and everyone to be completely anonymous.

Although we do have some analytics tracking on this website, in order to understand where our visitors are coming from, how long they remain here, and what they are doing on this website, there is absolutely no personal information that is collected about people who create posts on this website. Your identity is anonymous unless you choose to reveal yourself. This website was created with your privacy and security in mind.

In keeping this website free, however, it does mean that you do grant us the complete right to display ads, text links, and other forms of advertising on your post when applicable. Currently, there is no way to hide ads, but we may offer the option in the future to purchase your post for a one-time fee of $5 to remove all ads permanently or until your post is deleted. Money, after all, does keep things running!

How many posts can I make?
You can create as many posts as you want. There is no limit. Make individual posts or a dozen of them and link them together to create a website!

Can I delete posts?
Absolutely! If you need to make a post for a few hours, a day, a month, or a year and then need it off the Internet, you have complete control over whether it gets deleted or not!

Note: This action cannot be undone.

How long will my post remain?
Indefinitely. Or until you delete it.

Can I add images to my post?
Absolutely, we offer image hosting for your images, which will output a goo.gl shortlink, that you can use in an img tag. You may upload file formats of jpg, png, gif, and pdf.

Do you offer file hosting?
We offer file hosting for documents that contain the following extensions: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .txt.

Can I delete a file or image?
Your files and/or images are stored on our CDN server indefinitely. There is no way to delete them. However, you can rest assured that no one actually has access to this CDN and no one is looking at these files, so... they are among hundreds of thousands of other files and likely to never be seen by anyone but you, as long as you have the link.

How do I use the content editor?
The content editor has a very simple interface and is quick to load. The content editor allows you to write HTML or BBCode easily.

Can I hide my post from search engines?
We have an option to discourage search engines from indexing and following your post, however, we cannot control whether they respect those rules or not.

However, unless you actually share the URL with anyone, there is probably no way that it would be public.

Remember: Everything on the Internet is technically public. If you do not want it on the Internet, do not post about it.

Can I password protect my post?
This feature is not available as this website is meant to encourage social networking and public display. However, you can hide your posts from search engines and never give out the link. There would be no way to actually discover it by any other means than the link.

What is Customized CSS?
MyPost offers an option to insert your own custom CSS into the code. For example, if you want a background image, you can have one! If you want to change the background to a gradient, you can have a gradient! If you want to change an element by adding borders, boxes, radius, or any other CSS, you certainly can! Want your post to look different in mobile? You can code for that too.

Can I use Javascript?
Due to browser security updates, Javascript has been disabled on MyPost and will no longer be actively supported.

Absolutely. You will need to use Javascript with BBCode. For example, in order to display your Javascript, you would write {script=http://thesite.com/myscript.js}{/script} (replace the squiggly brackets with solid [ ] brackets).

Check out our JavaScript samples.

It is recommended that you use the Javascript Minifier when using Javascript to remove all spaces out of your code in order for it to function properly.

Note: Not all Javascript will work on MyPost. This feature was implemented as experimental.

How long can my post be?
As long as you want. There is no cap on the character limit for content.

I accidentally deleted my post, can I recover it?
Once you delete a post, it is gone forever. You may try checking to see if Google may have cached it by typing into a Google search: cache: mypost.io/post/mypost

Unfortunately, unless you actually shared it somewhere or chose to have it showing in our Display section, it probably won't be cached.

I made a mistake, can I undo?
If you are in the text editor and have not left the page, you might be able to press ctrl+z and undo what you did. If you previewed the page and then came back, you will not be able to undo what you have done. It is recommended that you make a backup and copy and paste into a text editor or notepad in order to return to an earlier version.

However, we offer you the option to save a revision of your post. This option is located right before the Preview button. If you saved a revision on Monday and went through several changes throughout the week, and want to revert back to the original post that you had saved on Monday, you can revert the post back to your last saved revision.

Can I save a draft?
You cannot save a draft and must publish your post in order to save it and make changes later. You can choose the option to Hide from Search Engines to discourage search engines from indexing your post and later share the post. Unless someone has the URL, it is likely it will not be discovered.

I can't get to my post even though I put in the correct URL.
Make sure that your URL has no trailing slash (example: https://mypost.io/post/yourpost)

I have to keep entering my password to edit my post.
If you are constantly being asked to enter your password in order to edit your post after you have already entered your password, ensure that your cookies are enabled. After 1 hour, you will have to re-enter your password again for security purposes.

I forgot my URL, how do I retrieve it?
It is highly recommended you bookmark or save your posts. The ability to save your post is located at the bottom of every post, in the footer. There is no search feature available on MyPost, but a search of Google, if you type in "mypost.io" and the headline of your post may reveal the URL.

How do I save a post?
At the bottom of every post is a feature to save the post. Enter in your email address and a password to associate with your account.

How do I access my saved posts?
On the homepage, click on Saved.

How do I delete my saved posts account?
Your account will only exist for as long as you have saved posts. Delete all your saved posts and your account will be deleted.

How do I change my password for my saved account?
You cannot change your password directly, but you can delete all your posts and create a new account with the same email address and choose a new password during that time.

Do you help with SEO?
Currently, we have some limitations on the amount of characters that can be entered in the headline, description, and content boxes, and this should help somewhat with SEO. You also have the option of enabling social media sharing and displaying your post on MyPost, which should help give your post a boost in search engine listings.

We have written an SEO post to help you get started on understanding SEO.

Please note: This type of SEO will help your article get discovered in search engines if you choose to share your article. We do not help spread your article on the Internet via distribution sources. The only chance your article has of being discovered on MyPost is if you choose to share it through social media or if you choose to show it in the MyPost Display.

Do you publicize my post?
As stated above, we do not publicize any posts unless you display them in the MyPost Display, for which they will be indexed by search engines if you choose to do so. Until then, there is really no chance of them being discovered by anyone. They are not distributed to any sources on the Internet. You are solely responsible for sharing it to your social networks. If you choose not to share it, it will not be seen by anyone, but you.

If your post contains adult content, we recommend that you do not show it in the MyPost Display as a courtesy to our website and our guests.

Is MyPost responsive?
MyPost will adjust according to screen size and works on mobile and tablet devices. We are very mobile-friendly! Most elements in your post will likely be too!

Does my MyPost auto-save?
MyPost does not auto-save your post while typing. It is highly recommended that you first write your post in a text editor like Microsoft Word or Google Documents and then paste it into MyPost.

Can multiple people edit a post?
Whoever has the password will be able to access the post. It is probably best that one person at a time edit the post, as multiple people will overwrite each other’s changes.

Can I delete comments?
The comment system is very basic and was intended to let people comment on a post. At this time, there is no way to delete a comment, and we do not have any plans for working on a more advanced commenting system.

I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it?
We offer more advanced options with MyPost, allowing you to enter in your email address. If you entered in your email address when creating the post, an automated email will be sent to you with a temporary password. We cannot reset passwords manually, as they are encrypted, and we have no way to retrieve them. If you did not associate your email with a post and lost your password, the post can no longer be accessed.

I returned to the edit page, but the content field is empty. What can I do?
This occurs when you hit the back button or edit button too fast and have not given the page time to load. You may try to hit the back button to return to previous pages, which may have cached what was in the content editing box. If you have not saved, return to the URL and click edit post. All the texts should be there.

Can you explain the features of MyPost?
Read our post on MyPost features.

Do you have sample posts I can learn from?
Check out our sample posts section designed to help you learn how to make a post more efficiently. We have also set up a Themes section designed to help you make your post look a certain way.

What is Dark Mode?
Sometimes the bright white of websites can be overwhelming and you want to escape into the darkness. We have set up a command for you to do that using the ?dark parameter. It will only work for the Create post page.

Give darkness a try! Create a Post in the Dark.

Note: Type in ?dark before any data is entered in the fields, otherwise, all data will be lost.

Can I hide the footer and branding of MyPost?
You may hide the footer. There is no branding on any personal pages that reveals MyPost.

Can I hide ads?
Ads are what generate revenue in order to keep the website running, so you may not hide the ads. At this time, there is no way to remove ads, but there may be an option in the future for you to purchase your post and remove the ads.

Can I have my own sub-domain?
We do not offer sub-domains or domain services.

Can I advertise on MyPost?
You are free to do as you please with your post.

If you wish to advertise on all posts of MyPost, feel free to contact us.

Can I post adult content?
You are free to do as you please with your post as long as it is legal within the United States.

In Advanced Options, there is a box for Mature Content and we do ask that you change this to Yes. If you don't change it, bad things will happen. Just kidding, but a moderator may access your post and change it for you.

It is also advised that you do not Show on MyPost any Adult Content. While we are a website suited for all audiences, we prefer not to show Adult Content in our Display.

What content is not allowed?
  • Acts of Degradation including assault, behavior, or harassment that is both non-sexual or sexual
  • Bestiality
  • Child pornography
  • Extremely violent situations portraying abuse or death towards any living being
  • "Grossly" offensive content
  • Necrophilia
  • Sale or advertisement of illicit drugs
  • Sale of sexual activity

Can I change my URL after publishing a post?
Once the URL is set, it is permanent and cannot be changed. You can delete your post, create a new one, and set a new custom URL.

The URL I want is already chosen, how can I get it?
URLs are a first-come first-serve basis. Unless someone deletes it, it will be used indefinitely.

It also means that your URL would likely no longer be private, as someone would be able to determine that the URL already exists.

My links have a nofollow, how do I remove the nofollow attribute?
We do not believe in passing page rank, as there actually is none from this website. In addition to this, we are trying to prevent Google from penalizing this website, therefore all links are nofollow by default and there is no way around it nor can it be removed. We hope that our users depend on the popularity of their posts and links instead of trying to rely on MyPost to pass any Page Rank.

Can I serve a cached version of my post?
Absolutely. Every time you publish a post or every time you update a post, an HTML version of your post is created.

Simply type: https://mypost.io/html/yourpost.html

Here is an example of the FAQ page: https://mypost.io/html/faq.html

Since the HTML version of a post does not have to query the database for information, it is served faster. However, this also means that view count and dynamic information may not be updated. The option to edit your post is not available on the HTML version, but when you edit and update your post, the HTML version is updated to reflect newer changes.

A script or my images are not appearing correctly on MyPost, how do I fix this?

Ever since MyPost updated to a more secure server (https), browsers will always attempt to keep you, the visitor and user, more safe. This is mostly a concern in Google Chrome, but on the right of the address bar should be a shield () and by clicking on that, you will have to allow "unsafe scripts" to run. Once you allow them to run, specifically for the MyPost website, you should have no further issues.

Can I print a post without the footer?
When you print a post, the footer containing all MyPost information (Create Post | Edit Post | Save Post) is automatically removed.

How can I report a post?
While we strongly believe in freedom of speech, especially on the Internet, we reserve the right to take down posts that are highly offensive. Therefore, in order to ensure we provide a somewhat safe community, we ask that you contact us with any posts you wish to report.

Do you plan to charge in the future?
We most likely will not be charging to use our services, however, because the service is free of charge, we may display ads above and below your content, to help pay for the cost of our servers. Or you may make a small donation to keep this website going.

What kind of information do you collect from me?
Other than storing your post on our servers, we don’t collect any information from you, but we do have several analytics tracking codes implemented including Open Web Analytics, Quantcast, and Linkstant to better understand our visitor demographics.

No personally identifying information about you is collected.

Read more in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

When was MyPost founded?
In September 2015, MyPost was dreamed up, created, written, tested, and in November, it was finally released into the wild.

Can I make suggestions for new features or permanent CSS code?
Absolutely. Use our contact form and let us know what you've come up with! Submissions do not guarantee that they will be made into permanent code on MyPost, but we would love to see if its a feature that can be implemented for everyone.

My post was deleted, but I did not delete it.
Occasionally, if we suspect inappropriate activity, we do reserve the right to moderate posts from time to time. If we suspect spam or other illegal activity, we will prevent such abuse of our website and delete your post without your consent.

We may accidentally delete other posts if a purge (hundreds to thousands of posts created at once) does happen and we do apologize if that happens, but we try to target specific posts that are suspected of illegal activity.

How can I contact MyPost for help or more information?
Use our contact form.

Still have questions?
Visit our Resources page for more help or use the comment form below and ask your question. You may also ask questions or look for answers on our Support page.

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