BunnyAPI is a third-party API service built by NoteToServices in collaboration with BunnyCDN for web developers to make handling the tasks between BunnyCDN and your web apps easier. If you have not heard of BunnyCDN, it is a powerfully fast scalable CDN that allows for url and image manipulation with extreme caching and speed, for use on your websites, to speed up all assets, no matter where in the world they are being accessed. Here are just a few reviews to convince you that you need BunnyCDN in your life. BunnyCDN: A Hassle-free CDN for Everyone | A happy customer's review of BunnyCDN | BunnyCDN on TrustPilot | G2 Reviews | Blogging Eclipse Review

To get started, follow these simple steps:
  1. Sign up for an account at BunnyCDN
  2. Copy your API Account Key from BunnyCDN
  3. Enter in your Account API Key and Connect BunnyAPI and BunnyCDN
  4. You are now ready to plug-and-play with your new BunnyAPI!