Choosing a Strong Password

Protect Yourself With A Strong Secure Password

Many years ago, the only password anyone had to ever worry about was their pin number at the bank. If there were any other passwords, it might have involved knowing the password to get in at a club or a bar, a secret password to gain access to a highly secure area, or watching it on the television show, by the name of Password.

Nowadays, we use passwords for everything, starting with a way to login to our computers, our accounts, our email addresses, our social media accounts, and even our online bank accounts, along with many other areas unofficial areas. A password is used for everything. It is hard to keep track of all the passwords we use each day. There are even password applications that hold your passwords for all the locations that you visit. Most Internet browsers now even remember your passwords so you no longer have to enter them. For many people, they may choose one good password that they use for everything, or a few good passwords that they use for everything in order to keep track of it all.

In order to create a post on MyPost, we did away with user accounts, and now only require a password. This becomes your everything to access, edit, or even delete your post. You can choose one password for every post you write or a different password for every post you write. We at MyPost believe strongly in choosing strong passwords, however, we do not require, nor do we have a minimum of how many characters should be in your password. If you choose to have four letters in your password, you are free to do so.

At creation time of your post, we do give you a password strength meter to help you determine whether your password is strong or not. When choosing a strong password, it is recommended that you:
  • Choose over 8 characters

  • Choose at least one uppercase letter

  • Choose at least one or two numbers

  • Choose at least one symbol

  • Choose what you would only know and could guess

  • It is highly recommended that you do not:
  • Choose all lowercase characters

  • Choose numbers only

  • Choose consecutive uppercase characters

  • Choose consecutive lowercase characters

  • Choose sequential numbers

  • Choose repeated letters or words

  • Choose what anyone could guess
  • Choose words in the dictionary

  • Choose obvious words like password123 or your name

  • Sticking to these strict rules will almost certainly guarantee you that no one will ever break in or hack your accounts, passwords, etc.

    For additional information on password strength, visit: Password Meter

    This website will determine how many seconds, days, minutes, or years it will take to crack your password:
    How Secure is my Password

    Note: MyPost takes password privacy very seriously. Please do not share or give out your password to those whom you do not know. We will never email you asking for your password. We are not responsible if your password is lost or stolen.

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