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Captcha Has Been Added To MyPost

If you have not already noticed it, we have added a captcha to MyPost. It will only appear when you create a post and only appear once. If you return back to edit your page, it will not appear again, as if you made it that far, you are probably a human. When we first designed MyPost, we had added a Google Recaptcha and were pleased, but after a while, of going back and forth, with testing, Google's Recaptcha endlessly kept popping up with pictures and even after a while of choosing correctly, it began to say that our choices were incorrect, therefore, we eliminated it completely, believing that people would treat MyPost accordingly.

For several months, we went without issues. We have barely advertised MyPost except the few times we tweeted about it on Twitter and on Hacker News. We leave it up to our users to share their own posts and get our website out there. Fortunately, they have done that and made this website the success it is.

Unfortunately, it also had attracted some users that have figured out ways to abuse our system and service, creating bots and scripts that have solicited the ability to automatically create posts, which spam our site, creating spam links, that will potentially cause search engines and social media websites to blacklist our website, and all of our pages, and crash our databases.

This site was not created for spam purposes and was created for educational and entertainment purposes. We will do all that we can to protect it from offenders, abusers, bots, and scripts that seek to ruin an otherwise enjoyable experience for our users. We built this system for people who were seeking to learn the basics of HTML, who were intermediate and advanced users of HTML, who were looking to get quick HTML pages on the Internet, and looking to do it without registering or signing up for a user account. We created this website for those users looking to share information with others and create beautiful web pages on the Internet. If you are here for any other purposes, such as to destroy or spam this website, than please leave now.

In our efforts to fight spam and bot scripts, as well as not return to the days of the Google Recaptcha, which is certainly a perfect anti-bot script for many other websites, but was unable to work for MyPost, we have created our own Captcha script which has so far been a success at stopping spam and abusive measures against MyPost. We are certainly happy to publish pages on the Internet for you, but the whole purpose of the captcha system is to see if you are a human being. If you are not a human, than you really have no reason to be using our service.

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