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MyPost Adds Increased Bot Security Center

In a world where there are double to triple the amount of bot scripts on the Internet, compared to humans, there is an ever-increasing need to monitor these bots. Not all the bots are bad, but many of them are. A bot is a script that is designed to serve a certain purpose. In some cases, a bot can be as dangerous as a script that spreads malware or steals passwords or attempts to login to your social media and post as you. Many bots serve the purpose of marketing and branding, specifically spreading the word of certain organizations.

Some of these organizations may approve of the bots, while others simply hired a third-party who happens to use unorthodox methods to help with marketing, branding, and advertising. In the case of MyPost, we are dealing with a few bot scripts, originating out of Russia (not to blame Russia for their hacking), but a script was created to bypass our current captcha system. Therefore, we have been working on improving our efforts to stop bot activity and maintain the quality of this website.

While we allow anything to be posted on this website, including adult content, we do not tolerate spam posts, especially those scripts that alter our behind-the-scenes code. We work diligently to ensure these posts remain off of our website. We also monitor activity, so when we see a 5,000 post increase overnight, we know this is not humanly possible, and therefore know it is done via script. While we applaud your efforts in manipulating the MyPost script, we certainly are as human as those of you who are creating a script to bypass our captcha system to spam on our website, and no—this is not a challenge for you to keep trying to manipulate MyPost.

We welcome you to post the correct way on our website, but once you begin to hack and manipulate our script, our email lights up with script and bot detection activity, and we must act against it. This website was designed for humans, not for bots. We reserve the right to delete any and all posts that were created by bot scripts. We do not allow this type of activity on our website. The website was created for educational and informative purposes only.

We have added a Bot Detection Center which includes 3 fields and is very easy to use. Just be human and you will be able to create a post. As we acquire more visitors and people who create scripts to hack-manipulate our website, we will take all measures against you. If the illegal activity continues, we will begin logging IP addresses in order to prevent you from further creating posts on this website.

If you are seeking backlinks, follow links, or to just create non-useful content that contributes nothing to the Internet at all (excluding your "test" and random "off-topic" posts), we will delete your post. We have scripts to detect and monitor activity on our website and will do all that is necessary to prevent bots from taking over MyPost. For those who keep things legit and understand the purpose of this website, we appreciate you, and thank you for using MyPost.

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