The Beauty of Web Design

Everyone is an Artist

A man named Joseph Beuys once said, "Everyone is an artist." While he probably did not mean that everyone can grab a paintbrush and instantly become Picasso, Michelangelo, or Rembrandt, his implications were that everyone has a unique creativity within their own specialized talent. Some people are good at poetry, others are great at writing stories, others at painting, others at cooking, and others at crafting wood, or building things. Human beings are only limited by where their imaginations allow them to go.

Looking at our history, we have created monsters from the likes of which we have never seen before. We have thought of the lycan and the vampire as if they were real creatures. I won't confirm or deny their existence in the real world, but in looking at the vast werewolf and vampire books and movies that have been created, each of these creatures is unique among themselves and in their own world. The vampires of Interview with the Vampire are different from the vampires of Underworld are different from the vampires of Twilight. The werewolves in The Howling, American Werewolf in London, and Underworld all have a similar resemblance, but appear different. While we humans have never experienced a zombie apocalypse, plenty of books and movies portray them as if we have had the experience before.

Taking it beyond horror movies, looking into science fiction, romance novels, and action movies, our imaginations allows us to dream up experiences that we have never had. We create such stories and portray our creative imaginations in films because they entertain us and we enjoy them. When it comes to creating things, humans are always evolving to make their technology easier to use, but the most interesting part about humans: we have the ability to dream, the desire to create, and the power to make it a reality.

This desire to create is also seen in many animals throughout the world. Beavers, for example, build powerful dams that can outlast their lifetimes and a human lifetime. Birds build nests and sing songs. Whales and dolphins will sing. Elephants have the ability to draw and paint other elephants within their parade. Octopus and other creatures will use objects to hide or camouflage themselves from danger. Nearly all insects are in sync with their Queen or each other, working synchronously and without complaint. The spider will spend hours spinning a beautiful pattern in its web in order to catch its food.

There are all kinds of ways to be creative. One particular way that almost anyone can learn and be creative doing is in web design. There are millions of different ways to design a blog, a web page, or a website. There are millions more that have not even been created yet. When it comes to web design, almost anyone can come up with something so beautiful, so simple, or even complex. Everyone can learn how to code and create the template of their dreams. When it comes to web design, inspiration can come from the imagination or other websites, inspiring creativity or advancement for new web templates.

On MyPost, we have yet to discover all that it has to offer, yet every post is capable of having its own unique style and design. MyPost gives you the freedom to show off your personality, not just through your content, but through the appearance of your blog post. Nothing is impossible with some code. Here are just a few designs that we and our contributors came up with for some posts on MyPost:

These are just a few posts! The possibilities and the beauty of web design is endless. We are passionate about web design. We love it.

With MyPost, we want to give you the power to creative, the power to imagine, the power to dream, the power code, and the power to make it all a reality.

Do you think you can come up with more? Feel free to design your own and share them with your friends!

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