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A Section 8 apartment application is for any dwelling that accepts a Section 8 voucher.

In the Housing Choice Voucher Program, commonly known as “Section 8”, HACSA provides rental assistance to low-income families in the private rental market. HACSA forms a partnership with families and landlords to provide housing opportunities throughout Lane County. Through the Housing Choice Voucher Program families maintain secure, quality housing in neighborhoods of their choice. Vouchers are issued as a “tenant-based” subsidy which means the rental assistance is mobile and follows the family, so it may be transferred to any city or state the tenant chooses to live.

How toapply for Section 8 online
The Housing Agency pays a fixed amount toward the rent, based on the household income and the applicable payment standard set by HACSA. Participants are responsible for finding a suitable unit which has a gross rent amount that falls within the assigned rent limits -- and can pass a HACSA Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection.

More details on the program such as who qualifies, low income guidelines and information for current participants can be found using the links below.

For more information on how to apply for section 8 staff contact information see our Contact Us pages or call our main number, 541-682-3755. General questions about Section 8 may also be submitted using the Section 8 Email Form.

From the DC news 2/26/16:
Two former Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) officials are heading to prison for taking bribes from applicants to fill out a Section 8 application. Applicants looking to circumvent the government’s waiting list, according to the Department of Justice.

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How it works
It is the mission of the housing authority is to ensure all persons interested in housing assistance be given an equal opportunity to apply for subsidized housing. To ensure this process is an equitable one, applicants are required to register during an “open registration” period for a waiting list. An open Section 8 waiting list is a compilation of families awaiting the determination of their eligibility for housing.

HASLC maintains site-based waiting lists. This affords applicants the opportunity to decide the location in which they would like housing. Click here for information on the locations and status of housing authority site based waiting lists.

When a waiting list has an open registration period, waiting list registration cards are made available at various locations throughout St. Louis County, all site management offices, and housing authority main office during normal business hours. It is also permissible to request a waiting list registration card by mail. The housing authority cannot be held responsible should the section 8 rental assistance waiting list registration card not be received during the time period set to close the registration period. All applicants claiming to be the head of household must be 18 years of age unless otherwise exempt by law (i.e. emancipated minor).

Applicants are placed on a section 8 waiting list during open registration based on the date and time the waiting list registration card was received, the bedroom size required by the family and the site desired. It is the applicant’s responsibility to notify the housing authority in writing of any changes taking place while on any waiting list. Failure to do so could result in removal from any or all of the site-based waiting lists.

Visit the Forms section or click here to update your information on the HUD application waiting list.
Orientation Meeting

Selecting applicants for admission to the Public Housing program is performed on an “as needed” basis. Applicants are sent letters for a group orientation meeting according to the bedroom size and area indicated on their waiting list card. Meetings last approximately 2 hours. All household members, 17 years of age and older are asked to attend. Applicants failing to appear or not receiving approval to be called at a later date, will be removed from the waiting list. Those applicants requiring special assistance, such as an interpreter, must request this service at least three (3) days prior to the scheduled meeting date.

During the orientation process, an overview of the Public Housing Program is given. Admission forms authorizing the Housing Authority to obtain information regarding rental history, income and assets are explained and must be signed by the applicant. A release form is signed by the applicant and each member 17 years of age and older to check their criminal records through St. Louis County Police.

Applicants are given a checklist of documentation needed for verification and a written appointment date to return to the HA for an interview to determine if they are eligible for public housing. Everyone 18 years of age or older living in the household MUST attend the walk-in interview and supply all verification from the checklist that applies to them. All information must be on letterhead paper and NOT older than 30 days.

Visit the Forms section or click here for the low income housing Checklist for Walk-in Interviews for Families.

Visit the Forms section or click here for the Public Housing Checklist for Walk-in Interviews for Seniors.
Eligibility Requirements

In order for a family to be eligible for the Public Housing program they must meet the requirements below.
Income Limits

Households must meet income limits established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Income limits for families must not exceed 80 percent of the median family income for your area. Income limits are changed on a yearly basis and are available upon request.

Citizenship or Eligible Immigrant Status

Assistance is limited to U.S. citizens and specified categories of non-citizens who have eligible immigration status.
Credit, Criminal and Rental History

The credit, criminal and rental history for all members of the household 18 years of age or older are checked at no cost to determine eligibility for housing.

HASLC will deny eligibility to a prospect owing money to HASLC or another housing authority if the debt is not repaid in full within 30 days.

If all the necessary documentation from the orientation meeting checklist is presented at the interview and the applicant has met all program requirements and is approved, he will receive a letter indicating the location of the available unit and the contact information for the site Manager. If a unit is not available at the time of approval, applicants will be informed and notified when the next unit is available. Applicants not approved will be sent a letter clearly indicating the reason for rejecting the Section 8 application online and advise the applicant of their right to an informal hearing.

Once applicants are referred to the site with the vacancy, an Occupancy Assistant will notify the applicant and explain the leasing information. Once the applicant has viewed and accepted the unit, a security deposit and rental amount will be determined based upon the income information supplied. If the applicant has had any changes since the applicant first submitted documentation, the Housing Manager must be notified of these changes.

Once all paperwork and inspections are completed, an Occupancy Assistant will schedule an appointment with the applicant to move into the unit.

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