Analysis of Fuller House

There is no doubt, despite mostly negative reviews, Fuller House has had three seasons, and being financially backed by Netflix, with none of the major networks even trying, it actually is a successful show, no matter how many negative reviews you read. Shit shows don't get three seasons. They die out after their first season and the worst of the worst may even be cut mid-season by networks, who couldn't give a fuck about their viewers who love the show, only the ones who hate it, because that is what drives ratings... I mean, if enough people love it, that is where the ratings come from.

Fuller House brings up old memories and you have four gorgeous women we all knew from the 90s who grew up. Despite their troubles in real life, someone made their dreams come true, and brought this show back to life. The show seems to bring in endless family members and friends because drama is family and friends. Fortunately, the show follows similar patterns of the 90s, where DJ or Kimmy or Stephanie, are following in Danny, Joey, and Jessie's footsteps, trying to come to some solution, which they always do, and its usually solved by family sticking together, or helping each other out. That is what family is for, right?

Unfortunately, the show tends to seek out how to answer questions to life's problems of today, but fails to take reality into account. The show removes some of our common modern problems, specifically: in the show, none of the children ever touch their phones, whereas in real life, good luck getting your kid off the damn smartphone. Although the kids are young and at that age, other than a few semi-funny jokes, they seem to just be so focused on getting boyfriends and girlfriends. Yeah, I wanted to kiss a girl, but I was usually going out and playing outside, but later, as a teenager, all I ever wanted to do was play video games. These kids? Somehow, magically, despite how much their mother works, they are never playing video games. I've got two stepsons, both who are grown and out of their teenage years, twentysomethings, and I can't get them out of the house, other than to go to their jobs, and then its right back to video games. Weee!

Fuller House does succeed, actually, in always having some type of action going on, storylines, dramas, etc. It succeeds in keeping to the characters and even remembers a lot of the storyline from the 90s, referencing it plenty. It also makes references to plenty of popular shows today and things we might know in today's popular culture. Where it lacks is fully developing all of its characters, especially the ones involved most around the drama.

The show is somewhat anti-Trump, though the reference is very lightly touched upon, and later a reference is made by one of the children, who wanted to "make his wall great again", while seemingly pushing the liberal agenda, where babies and baby-making are heavily thrown in there, with lots of hints of marriage, and very little focus on developing each character fully as a person in a career, or even understanding how to find the work-life balance between work and family, friends, children, and the self. The characters themselves, so focused on babies, despite knowing the drama it causes, is the #1 concern. Honestly, a house full of people who are living rent-free because of the kindness of their resentful father, and everyone wants more babies? Despite the fact that there are two teenagers, a children, two infants (as seen when Jesse or Becky bring their adopted child over), a dog, fish, chickens, a pony, and whatever other animals they can muster up.


I was watching Fuller House and experienced the same epiphany, especially with the fact that there has to be an ever-increasing number of "family members" coming in (including the dog and the bunny and the chickens) and realize the danger of presenting the material the way it is. It also seems the pressure is on women to not only have a successful career, but also to have a family and somehow be able to balance the two and also somehow manage to find the time to actually date and find a good man. Also, somehow we get immediate wedding thrown in our face within the first three or so episodes.

Let us take the five main females of the show as how they are pushing whatever agenda they have:
Aunt Becky, who is a very successful career woman, who bore her children, who are now in college, but she somehow still didn't feel fulfilled, so her and Uncle Jesse decided to adopt. We see later that there is pressure from Aunt Becky on Stephanie to actually have children, when she takes her to a doctor, without her permission, completely disregarding the fact that Stephanie let her know she needed time to think about it.

Kimmy Gibler: semi-successful freelancer, a mostly single mother, runs her own catering-like business. We rarely see her working, but somehow it is working for her, and somehow: she is the only employee of it, though she occasionally hires Stephanie to help her. Her man cheated on her, which is referenced multipled times in the pilot episode, and yet somehow, because he gives her puppy dog eyes, talks with a sexy accent, and is a very handsome man, that it is okay to take a man back who cheated on you? Kimmy herself seems to be OK with everything that happened, although she wasn't able to fully commit to him and marry him, and so every woman he seems to talk to, she gets jealous. And somehow, later on, he turns into this perfect guy, who gives her everything, but she really doesn't want to move in with him, her fiancee, and although he tries, you can tell she really has trust issues, and may not be even able to commit herself, because again, she gave the man she loved, who cheated on her, a second chance.

Ramona: A teenage girl who is going through feelings and is surrounded by mostly boys. Her so-called crush, Paco is constantly seen going after other girls, and while he says that he just wants her, like he said on New Years, later it is revealed that when she is not with him, he has a wandering eye and thinks its completely okay to do that. She later tells him if she's not his and he's not committed to her, than there is really no reason that he should even need to see her. This is definitely one of most strongest moments in the show. This is a parallel for her mother, Kimmy, who gave her husband a second chance when he cheated on her. While her mother gave him a second chance, Paco is Fernando; the exact replica of her father, and she somehow is trying to have a decent relationship with her father; it seems to be alright, but the fact that she took this stand also means she is very aware of her father's actions. Later on, Ramona also cries later on about the whole Paco situation, but Kimmy never actually talks about her own feelings about her husband cheating to her daughter. It's just made a joke and blown completely off, as they catch a plane to Japan. I'm also going to assume that because of her age and the show has yet to say anything about it, her interest in dating and kissing boys likely has to do with her period dropping.

Stephanie Tanner: We have the carefree DJ and world-traveler who doesn't have kids, and although she mentions it, if she hasn't realized it by now, that if she has children: she is going to have to hav to give up the life of the parties, likely djing, or hanging out with that crowd. She has a hard time, without children, making ends meet, and thanks to their Dad, they pretty much live rent free in San Francisco, which, hopefully and hypothetically, Danny has paid off the mortage by now. But she somehow barely works but can manage to afford the things she does.

Maybe her new boyfriend is helping her? But we don't really learn too much about him, except that he lives in a RV in which he spends most of his time trying to find a parking spot, and takes photos whenever he drives somewhere, and they pay him because he's great at it. DJ volunteered to stay home and help take care of the kids, but there are several references, from DJ and Danny, on paying rent, the fact that no one is actually paying rent. Later, Stephanie's boyfriend, who is a free spirit and loves photography is more focused on bringing a baby into this world rather than making with Stephanie like a rabbit around the world?

Danny Tanner is such a nice guy he's just going to allow everyone to keep living in his paid-off house, while the reality is, his wife left him and he's living out of a motel? Why wouldn't he move back into his own damn house? It seems he's just exhausted of that kind of drama and there is less drama by staying exactly where he is.

Honestly, it seems that the Tanner family is just brainwashed into having babies and that is the single most important thing in the world that anyone can do. Screw having a job or a career.. bring babies that none of us can really afford into this world. By the way, all the kids on the show are annoying assholes. The screeching voice of the younger one, the obsessive personality of the older. The white baby and the black infant? Had to throw in some racial tones in there, right? Definitely wouldn't be right if they were adopting an Asian baby or a white baby. No offense to the writers, and I totally get what you did there. You even brought in a few black friends and Asian friends, so that was nice to try and get some mixture in there.

Again, Stephanie has been traveling the world, having an amazing time, and no one even cares about how successful she was because.... she's not as "successful" as her sister. The brainwashing and making her think she has to and should change her lifestyle is beyond me. She is definitely fine the way she is.. or was.

The Missing Sister: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen refuse to appear on the show, and I can't even blame them. They likely have their reasons, specifically because they are just too busy and are not actresses anymore. Honestly, I grew up with these girls.. they are my sisters. They are insanely successful, more successful than anyone else on the show, running their own fashion line for teenagers, and perfume line or whatever. The show would just turn Michelle into a joke. While Mary Kate has a husband, Ashley has had a few boyfriends. The girls have no children. The Olsen twins combined in real life, are worth around $1,000,000,000. So... what message could be given from even writing them in your show? "Michelle is a very successful businesswoman and fashion designer worth a half a billion dollars, maybe she should help her 'sisters' too?" Kimmy and Stephanie both gave up their lifestyles to help DJ take care of her kids. Why would Michelle want to give up her successful career to take care of kids? Seriously, you'll make more money if you stick to the career first, and than, maybe later, you turn to think that you want kids. I, myself, don't have any biological children because I myself, am a bit selfish and would prefer to spend money on myself and whatever vacations I might take. Without children that are mine being there. Hint. Hint.

DJ Tanner: Finally, the heroess of the show, the main character, who the show is based around, is a very successful doctor, whose husband died as a firefighter, who beared three children, who shares a veterinarian clinic her boyfriend, whose Dad, somehow in the pilot episode, just upped and disappeared, is somehow able to manage all that is going on in her life? Her salary as a vet is accurate in SF, where she might be making upwards of $100k, if we truly consider she is a partner, or that she is receiving good businss. She is really longing for a man, a man to satisfy her, save her, help her with her three children. It can also be assumed that the death benefits of being a firefighter in San Francisco probably paid her and continue to pay her a reasonable monthly stipend. There are also plenty of programs to help the families of the Fallen Firefighters, so if she was smart, she would've applied to every single one of them.

DJ, for whatever reason, feels the need to always have makeup on, just as all the girls do, and be dressed up, at home, in their best clothes. Yeah, you already know whats wrong with this picture. If you're a woman at home and reading this, why is your bra still even on? You know that shit is hurting you. Take it off already and relax, jeez, you're home! I also know that you aren't wearing any makeup on your face right now. In fact, I know you barely ever wear any makeup at all. Okay, maybe you do, and you should probably go put some more on right now.

The guy they have for her is perfect: we get to see him working with her, while we barely get to see him hanging around the house or interacting with her kids. We don't see him taking her out on any dates. While it seems that she really likes him, she's still in love with her ex-boyfriend, who is also in love with her. She, in a way, created her own mess when she told both men to go and attempt dating, because she couldn't decide who she really wanted to be with, though in Season 2, where she reveals that she really wanted to marry Steve, but her ex had already met someone. Steve, who couldn't decide that he really wanted to be with his high school sweetheart.

It might be revealed that the missing parts that we don't get to see was the fact that she actually wanted to get married and he didn't, so she moved on, and married a fire fighter. Honestly, she hasn't moved on, really, either, because they keep giving each other these looks and it all says it there. She really knows Steve is her soulmate; she dated a little bit, but it always was Steve. life is keeping them apart, but they truly want to be together, despite knowing that fate is the way it is and despite believing they are supposed to be together, they are likely not to end up together. And depending on where the show goes, honestly, she needs to get over him; and the thing that sucks most: she caused it by telling both guys who were interested in her to date others. Why did she struggle to choose in the beginning? Because she is exhausted: she has been nonstop working and being a mother, and it distorted her judgement.

We do have the predictable Fuller House ending though: Steve gave it away when he made DJ ask his fiancee to marry him, even though it was DJ that proposed. You telling me that Steve, a successful foot doctor, a supposed macho man, couldn't pop the question? Why did he struggle? Because in his heart, he KNOWS DJ his is true love, and he is torturing her by making him see that she is losing him, and will do so permanently. I know because the same thing happened to me: And now I am married to another woman, who I am completely devoted to and love with all my heart. But a part of me knows: the other girl whom I knew and felt was my soul mate, would be letting me go, and there was nothing I could do about it.

So when we speak of reality: Steve will choose CJ, but he is going to have to cut DJ out of his life forever. Once you get married, it is impossible and dangerous to be friends with your ex-girlfriend. It could never leave to anything good at all. The show, however, will likely have Steve leaving his newfound wife at the alter, or turning to DJ, and telling him she is the one. Steve decided to ask his fiancee if she would marry him INSIDE of his ex-girlfriends house, which clearly shows he is far from over her. How much do you want to torture this girl? How much can she be tortured? He then makes her propose to his girlfriend? What kind of man are you, honestly?
You were a jock. Now? You're a pussy, pardon my french, but what the fuck is wrong with you?

Steve is probably the worst human being and ideally should be the most hated person on the show. Steve is the reason this show has continuance. Imagine if they were already married, what little storyline there would actually be. But Steve is making his ex-girlfriend witness her (she believes) soul mate marrying someone else. If that is not evil, I mean, I really did want to invite my ex to my wedding, but I did not, in order to save both of our feelings and prevent myself from doing something stupid and beyond idiotic. Although oddly enough, she did ask me if I would invite her to the wedding. Why? So you can torture both of our souls? Yup, those feelings may fade, but they never die. The last thing I want to see is YOU there while I'm telling my wife, the woman who has been and is totally committed to me, the only woman who did not play games with me, but meant what she said and did, rather than playing mind games, that I am completely devoted to her for the rest of my life. Yeah, it really is odd to invite your ex-girlfriend to the wedding.

Honestly, Steve would become the worst human being, and DJ, just as well. You broke the heart of an innocent girl, because she had some qualities that reminded you of your ex-girlfriend, and because you decided to bring DJ and her entire family to the wedding, you knew exactly what was going to happen! Not very wise to bring your ex-girlfriend or ex-girlfriends to your wedding. NEVER EVER DO THIS!

The only way to truly prove you have moved on, honestly, is to not talk to your ex-girlfriend, unless somehow you truly both mutually agree that you don't have those feelings for each other anymore, and sometimes it happens, but those moments are extremely rare. We have two dynamics here: male and female.

Throughout the show, we see the semi-, very barely, developed males from young to older:
- Danny, who had a wife, though later in the show, she is his ex-wife

- Joey, who has 4 disrespectful children that he has no control over, and we may have seen his wife in just the pilot episode

- Jesse and Lori, who are still madly in love, but somehow feel that a baby is going to fulfill them, because — obviously something is missing, a baby? Seriously? Be done. Go on vacation and make like rabbits without the consequences of even being able to have children.

- The 2 babies (white & black): Ok, they threw these babies in, they make funny faces, pick noses, poop, smell funny, but far from the talented Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. Yes, crazy, if you go back and watch Full House, you'll understand the talent they had, which is far more than even the older sons both have.

- You have the oldest boy: Love-struck, can't quite figure out that if he masturbates, he'll calm down. He really needs to watch Big Mouth. That'll explain everything. But in all honesty, this character is probably the least developed in the show. While Ramona gets about the same airtime as him, her character is just slightly more developed and portrayed as more mature.

- You have the youngest boy: Also somehow has an interest in girls, but is more successful and a smooth talker than his brother; however, you can tell this kid has tantrums by his naggy annoying voice and although he has some clever comebacks, they may have made him a bit smarter than he should be. He seems more responsible than he actually is — notice how no one ever takes out or feeds that dog — or any animals for the matter? Seriously, do your kids ALWAYS feed their pets? Walk the dogs? Scoop out and clean the litter boxes? If so, congratulations to you and please comment below in letting me know your secrets! This kid is definitely not the angel he appears to be.

- Jimmy Gibbler: A freelance photographer who cracks a few jokes, but has a stoner personality, is crazy about Stephanie, and while he seems like a free spirit who probably would never make children a big deal, is making it a big deal in the show.
- Matt: works with DJ, who is supposedly is hot, and a love interest, but barely spends anytime with DJ's children, is somehow supposed to be a great man in her life? We see this connection we are supposed to believe, and other than a secret handshake, and the fact that he gets her family and looks past all the crazy, and still accepts her, might be the exact man she wants and is looking for. He also seems like the only man who doesn't care to talk about children and so far hasn't even mentioned anything about her kids, or his own issues with the fact that if they get together, he will be these childrens' father.

A woman with three children might be looking for love, but lets be real: she's looking for a man to help take care of her and her kids. Okay, I'm an asshole to assume that: she don't need no man, she's a strong independent woman with a great salary living in San Francisco. Yup, I believe that too, but then, her marriage feelings are likely being mistaken for lust feeling. She just needs to get laid, like really, really badly. Honestly, he's also going to be an innocent bystander of DJ and Steve's insanity.

- Steve: a very successful doctor, but completely lacking in the love and common sense department. Honestly dude, I was scared to to death to get down on one knee in a crowded restaurant, to ask my girlfriend if she would marry me. I kept looking into her eyes because there is where I felt less scared, knowing she was going to say yes, and keep me safe (just like you know DJ will), but you know what? I totally fucking did it It wasn't easy, but I had the waitress record it, and the entire staff, every single person, save for one or two cooks, along with every single person in the crowded restaurant, over a hundred people, were there to see it. Grow some balls, man, for the woman you want to call your wife.

The female characters are somehow portrayed as having so much money, are held to such a high standard on the show, and somehow they are all able to handle their lives without going crazy? Yeah, sorry. I know my girlfriend has had some mental breakdowns, with and without me. The male characters are portrayed as having so many faults, albeit very forgiven by the much stronger women on the show.

I binge watched all three seasons to see if I would like it, and believe me, there were plenty of things I liked about it, just a few things I loved about it, and many things that are just meh. I almost do not want to see the ending for the predictions I made, because so far of this drama-insane series, is likely going to get crazier, and the show will likely be cancelled before there is ever a conclusion. Just think, no matter what happens: people are going to be seen as assholes; people are going to get hurt; we are going to learn a thing or two about loyalty and commitment; we are going to have their family-making and baby-making agenda continued to be pushed on us. And we are going to probably see that somehow, Steve is going to be the hero of this because of his choice. If it weren't for Steve, this wouldn't even be an issue.

No matter what you think about Fuller House, it is all about the drama. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it. I feel that there is so much deeper meaning in the series, some good, and some bad, but in 2017, the show's issues are all slightly hyped and aren't really focusing on the problems we really have, especially how to actually deal with the work-life balance, like from DJ Tanner. Or how to be a single mother of three and raise three children. While all the men, despite their efforts, are kind of just stupid.