About the Custom MyPost URL feature

More Information About the Custom MyPost URL

When you visit a website, you must type in a URL and hit enter. Upon doing this, you will be taken to a website or web page of your choice. If it exists, the web browser you are using will render the page. If it does not exist, you may see something like:

This site can’t be reached

arandomwebsitethatdoesnotexist.com’s server DNS address could not be found.


If the website exists, but the web page does not, you will likely see a 404 error page.

Every web page on the Internet MUST have a URL. To keep it simple and technical: Your web browser and Internet connection reach out for the URL, which sits on some central computer somewhere. It asks for permission to access it. This computer sends data back to say it exists or it does not exist. If it exists, it will send the data through your Internet connection for your computer and web browser to download that data.

When we began MyPost, we wanted to be unique with our URLs. For many websites, a random series of letters and numbers are generated. We did not implement this feature and instead opted to take your headline and make it your URL OR give you the choice of setting your own URL. What was the issue with this?

Someone creates a MyPost called "test". This would mean that the URL is: https://mypost.io/post/test

No one else will ever be able to create a MyPost called "test". This belongs to the person who created. What could possibly be the other problem with this? It is unique but not that unique. Someone else who sees that it exists can easily type in https://mypost.io/post/test and see everything you have on that page. You may not want people to see it, but they will.

When entering a custom MyPost URL, you do NOT need to enter in http or http://www. The only thing you need to worry about is entering in some unique and random name. If you don't mind someone discovering your MyPost, than you can create simple names so "test" or your own name, like "jamie" would be acceptable. Someone coming to the website and just typing in https://mypost.io/post/jamie would discover that MyPost.

If you are worried about people discovering your MyPost and want to be more secret, you will have to come up with your own unique URL. So instead of "test", you would write something like "test-abc123" and most people would not think to type that in. The field is completely optional but we will always grab the headline as a default.

Get started today and create your own post with your own unique URL!

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